Help with Pakboat Quest 135 repairs

The forum at isn’t accessible lately, my notes from there are all missing, and I’d like to get the Quest ready for a camping trip.

I need to glue a patch (maybe with Sunbrella fabric) on the deck where a seam is starting to split behind the cockpit - what adhesive will work? I think HH-66 was recommended for this, and it seems to me that I couldn’t have it shipped to my location (CA). Would Aquaseal be adequate?

The seals between the valves and the sponsons seem to be leaking, and I don’t know if I can just buy new valves (if I can figure out the right size) and just use seals that come with them. I think I had decided that I’d get new valves, cut out the old ones, glue the new ones into vinyl fabric circles, and then glue those onto the sponsons - and, again, my notes are missing, and that seems like I may be making things unnecessarily difficult. And is vinyl cement adequate for the job?

Any help is appreciated. (I’m in Sacramento County if you’d like to swap an ounce of glue for a beer or something.)

Thamiter, didn’t a patch kit come with your Quest? Each of the 5 Pakboats I have owned (including my Quest 135) came with a set of patch materials and adhesive that was complete and easy to use… You can mail order H66 glue, by the way. I got a quart of it via an internet vendor 2 years ago.

But since a deck patch is not going to be submerged or subject to scuffing as a hull patch would, just use any patch glue that is specified for vinyl or PVC. You can get the stuff at camping goods stores or any Joanns fabric store. You can buy patch sets too but they won’t be a match to your fabric.

What color do you need (red or yellow) and how big a patch? I could probably spare a piece for you from one of my kits. As for the valves, you can seal leaks with Aquaseal. You might also try getting a pack of ripstop repair tape (the peel and stick kind) at REI or EMS. That tape really bonds. We patched a chunk that a rock bashed out of he keel of a fiberglass canoe on a weekend camping trip 35 years ago using ripstop tape after filling the gash with chewing gum (Juicy Fruit, I believe) and that patch lasted several seasons.

And I had suggested to Alv at Pakboat several years ago that they sell the Boston valves they use on the sponsons already glued to a patch (as you describe). That way the boat owner with a problem valve can just cut out the old valve and glue the embedded patch with valve over the resulting hole. much easier than having to insert and glue a valve. I believe they do offer them for sale but you have to contact them directly as they don’t update and maintain their website stock list as a matter of course.

You can also get adhesives, fabric and Boston snd screw type “top off” valves from the vendor

I am in western PA but could send you some material if you are unable to source it otherwise. Not this week though since I am having cataract surgery on 7/5 and won’t be able to drive or do a whole lot for the rest of the week…

PS. Do not use Sunbrella. It is polyester and incompatibe with the adhesive needed for the Quest fabric. Also not waterproof.

(Oops - wrote this a couple of days ago and forgot to post it. I’ve re-glued around the leaking valves with Aquaseal and will give it another try before resorting to valve transplants.)

The boat did come with a patch kit, and I had completely forgotten about it. It includes a bit of deck fabric that’s probably just large enough for what I want to do, and there is a can of repair adhesive that’s so light I had thought that the glue had dried up; I’ve finally looked in the can and it turns out to have some liquid glue in the bottom.

(Please take a moment to image me smacking myself in the forehead with my palm a few times.)

I tried gluing two of the valves down with Aquaseal (leaving the caps free) but they still leak - I’m pretty sure that the caps aren’t the leaking parts, but I guess I’ll try to triple-check just in case.