Help with SOT please.

For several years now i’ve been enjoying my WS Pungo but want to get a SOT for fishing small lakes and rivers.

I would like something stable that i could sit sideways in with my feet hanging in the water for more accurate casting.

It does not have to be a kayak designated for fishing as i carry only one pole.

My budget? ah…lets say under a thousand,thanks.

Tarpon 160
I think you could get a used Tarpon 160 or 140 For less than that. I also would like the RTM Disco, Tempo, or Midway for fishing.

Check Topkayakers web page for some of the best info on SOT kayaks.

The boats Frank mentioned are all good
ocean capable kayaks, but for fishing small lakes and slow rivers, something shorter and lighter might be better. The WS Tarpon 120 and Emotion Mojo are ~ 12 ft kayaks and are popular fishing platforms. Smaller still are the Tarpon 100 and Emotion Temptation/Stealth. I have a Temptation, it tracks well for a 10ft boat and is stable enough for the purposes described. It’s a lot lighter than the Tarpon which when new is also over-priced (IMHO).

But probably best to investigate what’s available new and second-hand in your neck of the woods rather than fixate on a model that might be difficult to locate.

I have a Tarpon 140 that perfectly
fits your description. Got it new for on sale for $800. short enough for maneuverability; long enough for decent speed.

Look at Bic Bilbao fishing
It’s in the buyers guide here. The Scapa I had was well designed and well made.

Should Be Fun To Look And Buy…

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If you got a thousand to play with, that's more than enough to get what you decide on within your parameters -- stable (enough to side straddle) for little lakes/ponds.

If stability is more important that speed, I would go with something in the 12' foot range. Why lug around anything longer and heavier than it needs to be for the venues you have in mind? I think the Tarpon 120 is a good bet, as well as the OK Caper, the little WS Prowler and a number of others. Hard to go wrong (so don't stress over it like some first time buyers seem to do). Also, more than likely, you end with another SOT in a couple of years from now. If you don't, I would congratulate you for great self control and having contentment with what you have.

I would definitely save $50-80 for a good rod holder in front (Scotty, Cabelas, etc.) Sometimes trolling a lure while you leisurely paddle from one spot to another will bring some interesting action.


Check out the Manta Rays
Native Watercraft Manta Rays are awesome.

I’ve got a 14 and it’s a great all-round boat. It will carry a lot of stuff (great for camping, etc.), it’s very good on flat water and it’s great on moving water (class I-II). Very comfortable also.

The Jackson Coosa is the new entry into this market. We just got one in and have not played with it yet, but it looks very nice. 800-1k depending on setup.

Native has several great fishing boats and the Manta Ray is one of the coolest SOTs for fishing. I’ve paddled Tarpon’s (wet ride), Prowlers (dry, but really big and heavy), and others and I’m sticking with the Manta Ray 14. The 12 is fine too if you aren’t a big guy.


The only negative about most SOT is
that they are heavy,ungainly beasts out of the water.

Necky Vector 13 looks like a

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hot new SOT--Priced near the top of your range too: $900 The 13' seems almost all waterline as well. Beam is 28"(stable, but not so-ooo wide). Beautiful features. Check out their website.

SOTs also very much depend on one's height and weight(and as String already mentioned, the weight you're most comfortable schlepping around). Personally, I eliminate any plastic kayak over 55 pounds max, these days. And I consider myself in good strong physical shape.

Got a Scupper Pro(really, really old)sold off a Disco(put on a bit more weight, I couldn't carry much on overnights, without it plowing in the flats.) Looking to try-then buy, a Midway on my next visit to the Sunshine State. Not a fan of bloated Ocean(brand)Kayaks myself...But heavyweight fisherman(in both body and gear)seem to love the Prowler.

I’ll second that
The Scapa I had was a nice boat, but heavy at 52 lbs and unbelievably difficult to carry with no coaming to put on your shoulder, which is the reason I passed it along.

Easy To Add On Side Handles…
to make carrying/moving the SOT easier. I also have thigh straps on all my SOTs for greater edging control, rolling, self rescue, and carrying (shoulder strap style).


Go with the Manta Ray
I have the Native Manta Ray 14’. Anybody that even just sits in it talks about how much more comfortable it is. I haven’t fished from it but like to dangle my feet over the sides…on the really hot days its so nice to be able to do that. I was told mine is the cadillac of yaks and I have to agree!

Thank you.
Thanks so much for your time.

I actually had the chance to demo what i believe to be what I’m looking for.

It was a Feel free Moken 10 outfitted for fishing and was incredibly stable,i could easily stand in it.

Its wide and heavy compared to my 39lb Pungo and not nearly as fast but it will be for fishing.

Its 33" wide and weighs 54lbs and has a 420lb capacity also has a nice place for my dog to ride in front.

Whatcha think?

I’ve never tried the Moken 10, but
my brother-in-law in the UK has a Feelfree Nomad clone (the Perception Scooter) which is an excellent little recreational SOT that he uses for surfing, fishing and puttering along the coast and river estuaries. I’m not sure that he can stand on it though, so if that’s some thing you really want to do, then you’re better off with Moken.

There’s a review here for the Moken

and here for the Nomad:

The guys who are doing the reviews are trying to sell boats, but the site seems pretty straight-up.