Help with stain

I had my OK Frenzy covered with a tarp in the backyard and it was “right side up” water pooled in the cockpit and now there is a stain. Any thoughts on how I could remove the stain? Thanks.

Bleach Solution
and a good scrubbing should work.


PS. Personally, I wouldn’t put in the effort. (shrug)

There is a cleaner available at the dollar store, or family dollar or whatever they call it where you live, and it is called “something” orange. The name changes with the store, but it always has the name orange in it. Guys… this stuff is magic. The wife discovered it and I use it on the wheels on the car, to remove bugs from the front license plate, I got TAR on the carpet in the car… just try it on a discrete area first. This stuff will take the color off your cats fur. Seriously… it is a great cleaner, and at a buck a bottle, is a great value.

Slip out to the dollar tree, grab some fast orange or whatever, and coat the stain with it, let it sit for about five minutes, and then brush lightly. Should be gone. It takes the brown oak leaf stains off my wife grand marquis!

(remember, test a small area first.)


. . . orange
Will try the orange stuff. Sounds like something to have on hand. Wouldn’t be concerned about the stain, but we have several yaks and are going to sell this one. Thanks!

only time I do spent some time cleaning up, when I am ready to sell…

Actually, that “orange” stuff is in my household. We use it to clean the toilet… It may work.