Help with tandem seat measurements

I’m working on building a tandem SOF canoe with similar dimensions to something like a Wenonah Jensen 18. I’m to the point where I need to figure out my seating and when I went to take some measurements off my Sawyer Cruiser I found that with all the snow and ice I won’t be getting into my shed for another month or so.

So, if someone could give me some measurements off their canoe I’d much appreciate it as a starting point. I plan on front and rear sliding seats so I’m looking for:

Height from floor.

Distance from bow/stern in full forward and full back positions.

And if you’ve got something like a Wenonah with aluminum tube frames what is the OD of the tubes, both that make up the frame and the ones attached to the seat.



I’m not help.
But, I’d love to see anything you have on this SOF canoe. The idea has fascinated me for a long time - yours is the first “bigger” canoe that I’ve heard of anyone doing.

I’ve only got a few pics of it so far, showing it just after the stringers were put into place. I was working on it hard for a while but took a small trip and since then haven’t had much ambition. Stayed away from it about a month but now I’m back at it again. No big changes since these pics except that the bow/stern plates are in place with just a little more work to do on stiffening them up.

It’s not traditional, rather it’s a fuselage (Yost), which is working out ok so far. This is my second build, the first was a Yost kayak earlier in the winter which went together great. No plans for the canoe though so it’s a bit slower.

I designed it in KayakFoundry and use that to print out the sections I wanted. Can’t really design a boat with hard chines in that program so I just had to do those by eye, which was easier than I thought it would be.

It’s not going to be perfect but it should at least float and go fairly straight. It will be a good learning project but I need to hurry up and finish it so I can do a solo canoe before ice out.


Jensen measurements
The seats are 9 inches off the center of bilge.

the front of the Rear seat is 53 inches from the end of the rear stem (deck plate.)

The Front seat is 53 inches From the pointy end of the deck plate to the front of the seat.

With the front seat forward it is 39 inches.

The tube that supports the slider is 1 inch. Feel free to contact me if you need any other measurements. Generally speaking the Jensen is asymmetrical which would affect the seats placement, and most people who drive Jensen stock boats like crowding the stems to get a better plant on the paddle stroke.

Charlie Swengros

Perfect. Thanks! NM