Help with Tiller Bar Steering

I have a 19’ Ruahine Firebolt with tiller bar steering that I have paddled about 5 times and raced for the first time today in Class I/easy Class II whitewater.

Any tricks for using and improving control of the tiller bar steering?

I am starting to like the tiller bar steering in flat water, but found that in white water (moderate waves) it was difficult to both brace my knees and steer. Wondering if there are any modifications I should consider to make the tiller bar easier to “find” and and operate when the boat is being jostled around by waves (a tennis ball over the tiller is something I might try) . . . or should I just scrap the tiller bar steering altogether and go to a gas-pedal-style foot-pedal system. (I have a Ozo foot brace system on my other racing boat.)

Thanks in advance for the help.

We had a West Side tandem Bullitt…
with tiller bar steering and loved the boat, but hated the tiller bar. I never could get used to making a sharp turn while still trying to pump my legs.

We finally sold it, and I would never again have a boat with that type steering.

So I feel your pain!

Jack L