Help with trailer

Hello everyone!
Brand new to kayaking.
I have 12’ Hobie Passport Mirage
and 2 Vibe skipjack 90s
Not going super far with them…usually less that 10 miles. I do not want to spend a fortune on a trailer and not strong enough to hoist on roof. What is a decent trailer option that could accommodate that?
Thank you !:blush:

Harbor Freight has flatbed trailers that might work at decent prices.

Watch Craigslist and Facebook for used jet ski or small sailboat trailers, then build it up the way you want. IIRC, I bought my trailer with a small sailboat for $450, then sold the boat for $400 and kept the trailer to modify.

Just bought this trailer, a SylvanSport Go Easy Ultimate, over the weekend, had been looking for about a year. There’s a similar one on ebay right now. New they range from $2300-$3500 or so, used about 1/2 to2/3rds.

It takes standard Thule or Yakima bars, and the ultimate comes from the factory with Thule square bars. I already have slotted accessories, so I’m going to add the Thule Pro heavy duty slotted bars with the 450R feet.

This utility trailer will carry about 500 lbs, so a couple of kayaks, fat tire bikes on top, and a mess of stuff on the platform is no problem. Unloaded it weighs 300 lbs, and tracks nicely. I pulled it 70 miles last night…which was a nice change from towing a 6x12 Uhaul trailer 800 miles over the weekend (two trips between CT and Boston, and at one point the SylvanSport was in the Uhaul trailer. :slight_smile: )

Really nice piece of gear, a bit expensive but IMCO, well worth it. Seems bulletproof.

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