Help with trolling motor

We fish alot with our canoe. We also like to get to fishing spots that sometimes are a very long way from our launch spot. Thus, we purchased a trolling motor to help out when either, we go further than we expected or we have lots of current to paddle against.

Here is our question. The motor is situated behind me and it is extremely awkward to steer. What I need is a inexpensive handle extension. Any ideas? Thanks!

PVC pipe, you choose the length. Cut it lengthwise and and use sea clamps to fasten to the TM handle. Otherwise MinnKota sell an extention for $19.99

Bass Pro Shops, I believe, sells an
extension that has sort of a universal joint in it so you can work the tiller from a more comfortable position. But its expensive…about $55.

rereply They sell a universal joint TM handle extention for $44.99

How about
the inexpensive handle extension?

They sell them at Wal-Mart, Dunhams etc.

$14.95 last time I looked.

Works great on my Minn Kota 36#

Thanks everyone for the great assistance! I knew I could count on ya for all the help I would need. I am gonna pick up the one with the universal joint. I think its the most versatile.

Try this…
Remove the screw and turn the TM handle 180 degrees. Then, mount the TM in front of the Bow paddler. The TM will not only be easier to steer, but you will actually go faster with “front wheel drive”.

That’s how trolling motors are mounted
on bass boats. Pulling seems to work better than pushing with an electric motor…plus, you can see the tiller handle.

Mimkota handle extension
I was in Wal-Mart this morning. They have minkota trolling motor extention handles for $17.??

Keep the open side up :~)

FP, I appreciate the update.

Pulling vs Pushing
When I use my Minn Kota 30# in my canoe I sit in the center seat and put the motor as far aft as possible with a tiller expension. But the idea of pulling is interesting. Do you think I can rotate the motor head so that the propeller points in the same direction as the tiller? It would be much easier to maneuver.

The tiller head rotates 180 degrees
on most tiller type trolling motors…There should be a bolt or big screw just under the control head that you can undo, turn the tiller head around, and resecure. Then, the motor/propeller will be facing the same way it does when its stern mounted. Haven’t looked at my Minn-kota in years, but, as I recall, that’s the way it works.

Tiller Head
I think you’re right . Thanks.