I was just getting packed to drive to Florida for the Everglades Challenge and noticed that one of the hatch rings on my fiberglass Gulfstream was coming loose. On further inspection it’s not the only one.

I just painstakingly removed and resealed the things a couple of months ago with 3M 4200, which did not stick well to the plastic rings. I didn’t use screws, either for fear of cracking the rims (happened to one previously). Looks like I need a last minute repair.

Should I try again with 5200, or will it not stick either? I guess I should use screws this time or else figure out a way to prime the plastic, or something. Any knowledge out there?

I’ll need to fix this quick and have it be reliable for the race!

What a bummer !
My wife and I were just reading about it this morning, and I was lusting to do it.

If it were my boat, I would use West systems G-flex epoxy. It will adhere to plastic as well as fiberglass.

You can get it at West Marine and I am sure there is a West Marine store or two in Tampa

What is your handle for the race ?

We know several of the competitors and were planning on keeping track of you guys on line.

Hope it works out and good luck

Jack L

Mike West Marine has G flex
They may have it in stock… I’ll call you.


I’m RubberDucky on the W.T.

I removed one of the rings & the old adhesive is coming off fairly easily & clean so I ought to be able to redo all the rims without a huge amount of trouble. Still have to decide about G/Flex or 5200 and whether to use screws or not…