Hemlock Canoes?

Can’t locate their web site. Moved to a new server?

It’s been down for at least two days.
I couldn’t get on it yesterday, either. I think that I got a message one of the times that I tried to access it that said something about a certification expiring, or something similar to that. I don’t get that message today.

Must have lapsed on their hosting fee. Hope it’s not a sign of trouble.

Hemlock Canoe website

– Last Updated: Feb-05-10 9:57 AM EST –

Talked to Dave Curtis on Monday this week. The server is down, he is waiting for it to come up also... He just added some new info to the site the weekend before. I am interested in what's new.

Very cool
Relieved and excited to see what’s new as well!

Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

and when you go to pick up your new canoe you can paddle these nearby pristine lakes. I haven’t brought my second-hand Nessmuck back to its ancestral waters yet, but plan to do so this summer.

glad NYS scraped the bottom of its coffers to do the right thing and save them from development.