Hemlock Eaglet I review?

There are no reviews for the Hemlock Eaglet I here. Does anybody here paddle one?

I’m 6’-3", 235 lbs and often paddle with my 45 lb dog. I paddle flat water and rivers to class I and I’m looking for a composite kevlar hull(light-weight. The specs for the Eaglet I look good.

I’ve read several posts about solo boats for large paddlers and I’ve started to gather info on the larger volume solo hulls. A problem here near Stockton California is that the paddle shops are full of kayaks and there very few opportunities to demo canoes, especially specific high-end models.

Comments, suggestions and Eaglet I reviews appreciated.


Very little information generally!
I haven’t ever found much on the Eaglet, no matter whether set up as a large-person’s solo or as a tandem for smaller paddlers (perhaps parent and child combinations).

For the record: the two most informative contributions I’ve found on P-Net:

** whitewaterweenie **

Eaglet is much more stable and much less efficient than Peregrine […] Eaglet does not paddle like a solo but it gives you a ton of stability.

** CEWilson **

The HE is slightly under 15 ft at waterline. It had 1.5 in of Yost computed rocker at both ends when it was the Curtis Companion. Remolding has flattened the bottom a little, but Eaglet has enough rocker to be enjoyable on moving water.

Hemlock makes the best hand laminated hulls available.

*** end ***

The tip off that the Eaglet is related to the David Yost designed Companion helps: goto http://www.hemlockcanoe.com/images/photo_album/curtis_canoe_catalog/companion_1989.jpg

Have paddled it briefly
and it is a very comfortable, if uninspiring boat. If you’re a performance paddler looking for speed and ultimate maneuverability it’s not your hull.

If you’re looking for a boat to handle your intended load, very well made, attractive, lightweight, durable, and sporty enough for general use, it’s a great choice. I own 3 Hemlock/Curtis boats and love them all.

Hemlock Eaglet Canoe
I have had mine for 3 seasons. The first two replies, are spot on. I use mine as a large solo canoe. Comfort, stability, safe feeling, very well made, strong,& light. This is what I was looking for. Also, I wanted a symmetrical hull, with the same rocker at both ends. If you heel this boat a little, it glides, and handles very crisp, and nicely, and, it is fun to play with. I think this canoe would make a great tripping canoe, for those who are not minimalists. I would call Dave Curtis and talk to him, he is extremely well versed, and if he has the time, can explain many of your concerns, or give advice.