Hemlock Eaglet

Has anybody had any experience with this canoe? If so, would you be kind enough to share your thoughts regarding stability, handling, etc.

Ask Tony
he is in the top photo.

Call Dave Curtis and ask if you can speak to Tony or any other of the paddlers around his area.

Its a new boat.

That said what version of Eaglet are you looking at?

BTW, solo its for a bigger paddler.

Thanks for the response
I actually did speak to Dave on several occasions (who went out of his way to answer my questions. I looking at the Eaglet III (three seats) It seems to be a good comprimise for a boat that I could solo, as well as take the wife out (if she is behaving). My concern really centers around how stable the boat would be. I was set on a NC Bob Special in the Blue Steel, but really prefer the layup in the "premium + hull that Hemlock specs.


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The Eaglet is the old DY designed Curtis Companion, with shoulders rather than bubble sides and more stern layout.

I think it the best combi boat ever made, but combi boats don't work quite as anticipated.

If you and wife are compact enough to tandem the Eaglet you will be too small to solo a 33" wide hull. If you are big enough to stack your hands around that big center section, you are too big to perch on that stern seat.

That said, I'm 160 lbs and companion 110, and we've taken several BWCA trips in Companion. Good forward speed, minimal drag, enough rocker to maneuver and light over your head. And, Hemlock makes fine hand laminated hulls.

Hemlock Eaglet
I’ve paddled both the Hemlock Eagle and the Companion. I have not paddled the Eaglet. That said, the Eagle is a wonderful tandem. I’ve paddled it tandem, extensively in flat water and in open bays on very windy days. It performs well in both conditions. I’ve also paddled from a center seat under calm conditions in a quasi Canadian style and it also performed well.

I’ve paddled the Companion both tandem and solo and agree completely with Charlie’s comments. I have a close friend who is 5’7" and 140# who has a nice stable of boats. He has a bad knee. He like to kneel but appreciates a boat that he can comfortably sit up in when necessary. The Companion has become his solo of choice.