Hemlock Peregrine mods?

Once again I come to the brain trust. I have my eye on a Hemlock Peregrine. It’s set up for kneeling. While I fully accept the advantages of paddling from that position, my knees just won’t bend far enough to make that comfortable. Has anyone here dropped the seat in one of the Curtis canoes or otherwise made any mods to allow for sitting? I’d be grateful as always for your feedback.



Perfect world / Sure
A kneeling canoe lamination might have an additional reinforcing band added to the lam. schedule to reinforce the seat position if conversion to sitting was known in advance. This is additionally suggested with extreme tumblehome, and Yost’s shoulders can acting like a Z fold when overloaded/ underbuilt.

That said, L D Curtis makes righteous hulls. I wouldn’t anticipate any issues except trim will be altered if the same machine screw holes are used.

Should be fine
But you could always email Dave at Hemlock and ask…provide your weight and if you want, ask about getting longer seat drops if you can’t construct. Hemlockcanoe.com

I installed a sit on the bottom seat like my Rapidfire in my sons Kestrel. I had Eds canoe make rails and a cane bucket seat. He is using it for his second year with no problems. If you just want to lower the seat a few inches, go with seat drops.


should work

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I have a Bell Merlin II which is really a rather similar hull to the Peregrine. It paddles well kneeling or sitting, although I kneel in it more frequently than I sit.

It came with short seat hangers and I dropped the seat a little, but not so much as to interfere with getting my heels under the front seat frame. If I sat exclusively, I would have dropped it more.

There was a noticeable sense of improved primarily stability when sitting by dropping the seat an inch.

In converting a c-1 to kayak, I simply
laid two concentric layers of Kevlar to the inside of the hull. That could be done with the Peregrine, and would not add much weight.

Peregrine mods
Thanks, everyone. Excellent feedback as always.