Hemlock Peregrine question....

I’ve read some of the info on the Peregrine and it’s caught my interest. Some say it is faster than the Bell Merlin 2 with more room and probably tracks better with less rocker in the bow. It ssems to fit somewhere between the Merlin 2 and the Bell Magic. But, how seaworthy [loaded and unloaded] is the Peregrine compared to the Merlin 2 and Magic? If you had to cross a large lake with wind or wake from boats which would handle better and remain more stable? ALSO, how DRY is the ride with the Peregrine? [I’m 6ft. and 195lb +/- 5lbs…] Thanks!

I’ve got a Merlin II and a Peregrine…my two favorites. I’m about 10 pounds lighter than you. But I usually have a 70 pound lab with me.

They are similar for dryness. There’s a nice little drop with standing waves maybe 18-24 inches on the local river and both might take a little spit but no more. On a lake they will both keep you dry in waves big enough to scare you…and wind and waves strong enough to blow you to a standstill. Neither turn as well as solos like a Wildfire or Osprey or SRT or many others…but they both are a pretty big notch up on glide and ease of cruising…and on a calm pond you can still lean either one to the rail and spin it very tightly…the Peregrine gives up little or nothing to the Merlin. For driving across a super windy lake…the Peregrine has a definite edge over the Merlin. I think that each stroke takes just a touch more muscle in the Peregrine than Merlin, but it gives you back a bunch more performance and glide.

You can’t beat a Hemlock boat! I’d still consider the Kestrel if I didn’t always have the dog…I think it’s even hotter than the Peregrine…but a bit shallower (less dry).

Definitely faster than Merlin II
and I’d say the Magic too. The Magic is a more stable feeling canoe or so it would seem to the average paddler but the Peregrine is a very personal choice in canoes, it has more of a rounded bottom profile whice makes you pay close attention until you get used to the low enital stability. I don’t think it would be better or worse in wind and wave than the Bells you mentioned because the depth at center on all three puts them in the day use/cruser or weekend camper class. It would make a fine boat for someone who wants a fast slim solo and someone who likes playing and practicing their paddle moves and skills. A great boat but it will ruin your self confidence if you don’t mind it’s manners.

Both boats are very similar
in terms of performance.

I test paddled both boats last October. I paddled one after the other and then repeated to get a comparison between the two. It was a fairly windy day on a bay of a large lake and both handled comparably well in he wind.

I think that the Peregrin is just a bit more maneuverable and the Merlin II just a bit faster, but it was very hard to tell,as they are so very similar.

Both are excellent boats.

For me, final choice came down to quality, finish, dealer, and price.

Thanks for replies and personnal mail! I’d love to try the Peregrine…someday…