Hemlock Peregrine?

Hi All,
I’ve read almost every post about this boat and wanted to get current impressions from those of you that have/had this boat. 5’10" 185 - will use it for lakes only, day trips with a lunch cooler and the occasional tackle box for a little fishing.
Day touring and exercise mostly. Sitting with bent shaft or double blade.
How do you like the boat? would you buy it again or do you prefer something else for this type of use.
Also wanting to try out a Magic because it seems to be almost universally well liked.


I have never owned either a Peregrine or a Magic but have paddled both. I think either would suit your intended use well.

I paddled a demo Peregrine that Dave Curtis had brought to the Raystown canoe gathering quite a few years ago. I had brought my Bell Merlin II so I got to paddle both back to back.

For my purposes, which included river paddling, I decided that the Merlin II suited me a little better as the Peregrine was a little sticky in the stern on turns compared to the Merlin II. The Merlin II was a little more nimble when it came to river maneuvers than the Peregrine, although I suspect that in the long run the Peregrine was slightly more efficient than the Merlin II for straight ahead flat water paddling.

The Magic would be a bit more sticky in the stern and a bit more efficient than either the Peregrine or the Merlin II.

Another canoe of relatively similar size that I really like and have also never owned is the Swift Osprey.

Owned a Peregrine and paddled a Magic for a morning. Both are sticky stemmed unless heeled for turns and then fully heeled the Magic has the turning radius of a semi truck and the Peregrine a box truck. Neither are quick turners flat but both will turn if heeled. The Peregrine was not as nimble as I would have liked but pleasant enough. A bit of overlength for just day tripping though. You might consider a Keewaydin 14 by Swift.

Both the Peregrine and Magic are suited to multi week trips.

It’s always hard to predict someone else’s canoe preferences. I had a Peregrine and would be very happy to get another. It’s roomy and comfy and stable and it moves through the water efficiently. I mostly kneel and only knelt in my Peregrine but it has enough stability that I think you’d be happy sitting. I have a Magic (paddled it yesterday). I sit in the Magic. It’s a very nice canoe, stable, comfy, handles wind and waves easily (so does Peregrine). I think the Magic takes a touch more muscle for cruising than Peregrine but in a sprint I’d bet on the Magic. Both are great cruising canoes. As mentioned neither boat turns on a dime but they both handle nicely and cooperate with the paddler. I use my Magic on relatively slow rivers where I appreciate the efficiency going upstream and I did same with Peregrine. I think the construction of the Hemlock boats is top notch although the Bells/Northstars are nice too. If you’re near SW MI you’re welcome to try my Magic.

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Peregrine would be my choice for your stated use. Had one and had it’s predecessor, Curtis Nomad. You can get seat drops from Dave at Hemlock that will lower the seat to a sitting position. Great hull for cruising in comfort, lounging in the sun, or just about anything you want to do.
Turns fine for lake paddling and can turn crisply when heeled. User friendly but still capable of performing for advanced paddlers. Recommend.

Thanks folks - appreciate the input. Seems like either would be good for cruising around on the lake.