Hemlock Peregrine

I have read the reviews here and they are all positive. I would like feed back from some of you who have paddled this boat. I am considering purchasing one. My primary reason to purchase would be for tripping. I have a Royalex Vagabond that I currently use for tripping but I am thinking of going for a boat that is faster, covers more water with less effort and is still light for portages.

Any feedback on the Peregrine other than I have read in the reviews? I am open to other suggestions also.

Excellent tripper
I’ve owned both the Vagabond in kev light and the Peregrine premium lay up and the difference is pretty significant. The Vagabond is a nice little canoe, but the Peregrine is a lot faster, just as stable, and will carry a good bit more gear. The Vagabond turns better, and paddles better in reverse because it is a symetrical hull. The Peregrine tracks straight, but still turns fairly readily. I am always impressed at the glide the Peregrine has, just a delight to paddle. Just the slightest of J stroke will keep her going straight. I can also compare the Peregrine to my Swift Osprey kev light, which is also delightful to paddle. The Osprey will turn faster, but requires a bit more effort to go straight, especially into or away from wind. For tripping in the BWCA or ADK or similar waters the Peregrine is the canoe I’d choose. The weight, performance and quality are pretty hard to beat for a serious tripping solo canoe. The builder Dave Curtis stands behind his canoes very well, too.

I agree …
…with everything canoedancing said. I have the premium+ layup. I believe it weighs in at about 34 lbs. It also hauls considerably more gear than the specs would lead you to believe. I recently took my Peregrine on a week long trip on the Green R. in Utah, carrying 50 lbs of drinking water in addition to my usual camping gear plus me at 225 lbs. No problems, even in the high winds that the Green is notorious for. The boat has a fairly low shear all around, but with the excellent hull design I’ve never shipped any water even fully loaded. Speed and glide are very good, secondary stability is excellent, and it turns reasonably well. The standard seat mount is fairly high which I like because I kneel, yet I can still sit to rest my knees without feeling like I’m going to tip. Dave will mount the seat anyway you like. IMHO, you can’t go wrong with a Peregrine.

Good comments, but do people
really have more problems paddling in reverse in assymetrical hulls? I really don’t notice a difference in difficulty.

Comfortable … which is nice
I have not owned my Peregrine for too long and I’ve not alot to compare to but I find my boat to just feel very comfortable. I’m 6’0" and sitting I can stretch out my legs and my feet extend just to the front thwart for leverage. The gunnels are wide enough to easily switch back and forth between sitting and kneeling but narrow enough for easy hit and switch.

I would pick one up in a heartbeat.