Hemlocks David Yost Designs?

Are some of the Hemlock canoes David Yost designs?

Sorry if this has been hashed out before. I couldn’t remember, but saw some indirect refrences in the archives that suggested DY had designed Curtis boats in the past.

Some of the design features of the Hemlock boats look similar to some of the Bells is what causes me to ask.

NT will weigh in on this…
But I do not think so. Dave has designed his own boats for a long time, Curtis Canoe before Hemlock. Not certain of this and there may have been some collaboration.

Fill us in NT!!

Dave’s boats
They aren’t Yost designs. I’ve had this conversation with Dave Curtis; I’m lucky to have a Kestrel and Peregrine and also a Merlin II; all great boats in my opinion with slightly different strengths. Dave talks about designing his boats in three sections; front, middle, and rear. The midsection of his Falcon series are most similar to a Merlin II in my opinion (and his too if I recall) but the front is much sharper with less rocker and the rear is also faster and less loose. I think that Dave came up with a couple of sweet boats.

The Memory Fades
Now I recall a discussion of this regarding some similarities between and misunderstandings about the Merlin II and the SRT. There were really no direct relationships between the two as I recall.

I recently had the chance
to compare a Magic, Merlin II, and Peregrine side by side. We paddled them then looked at them rightside up, upside down, and from the side. Don’t know if DY had anything to do with the Peregrine, but the Peregrine looked darn close to the Merlin II in entry/exit lines, sheer line, rocker, and tumblehome.