Henderson Hand Pump

Has anyone ever outfitted a sea kayak with a henderson 50 hand pump system? Or currently use one? Any input on this system would be appreciated.


Got one that came stock on my 12 year old Pintail. It’s mounted on the fore deck. Works great.

Got one that was added to a “previously been enjoyed” WS Sparrow Hawk that I picked up this summer. It’s mounted on the fore deck. Works great.

What do you want/need to know? I have some pictures from when I was re-working the boat. Took me a long time to find a replacement deck plate, but then one day eBay came through.


2 on a VCP Aleut II
They work fine, but I like the same pump mounted on the forward bulkhead and operated by my legs better. Lower CG and not in the way of my legs moving around in the cockpit or getting in and out. Footpump allows you to have both hands on the paddle and make some distance or brace as you pump (although if you’re like me, walking and chewing gum at the same time can pose a challenge).

Deck mounted pumps require a hand and won’t let you paddle while you pump. I would almost tend to use a standard bilge pump braced with a thigh against the side of the cockpit with skirt sealed except where the pump goes through instead of deck mounted pumps again. You won’t lose or have your deck pump washed overboard though. Still carry one regular bilge pump.

In my single with the footpump, the skirt seals so well that the pump created a vacuum in the cockpit and you have to lift the edge of the skirt to let some air in so you can keep pumping efficiently on every few strokes.

henderson pump
Sounds good thanks. I have an island kayak expedition and it has the recessed deck fittings for the housing and pump so thought if they went to that much trouble to build in to the hull they must be pretty good–just never seen one in action. going to try an order one and install it.

Thanks again…

Look under Whale …
Water Systems. I think Henderson was bought out by Whale. It’s now called the Whale Compac 50.

Deck pump
yes have one on my pintail and my nordkappLV.

They work very well .