Henderson Lake

It’s now state land but I believe DEC still needs to establish a designated launch and primitive campsites. This body of water is certainly smaller than Little Tupper and Lake Lila but in the very popular High Peaks access area. So paddling on this new state acquisition may get fairly crowded on weekends. Anyone anxious to spend time on this lake?

Henderson Lake
I want to paddle it on the way to Duck Hole.

Henderson L
Wow ! This site sure is getting alot of Adk posts recently. Perhaps we should have our own forum again ?

Wife & I spent a very pleasant evening camping on Henderson late last Fall after trip up Mt Adams firetower. Woke up to find a thick layer of ice covering most of lake. Glad we paddled it’s shoreline previous afternoon. Tahawus tract also opens paddling opportunities on Opalescent & Hudson rivers

Don’t know if it’s been turned over to NYS as yet but open to public regardless (unlike TNC’s IP purchase which is taking yrs to settle)

Views of surrounding mtns are spectacular inc. Adams, Colden, Henderson, Marshall & an incredible view of Wallface’s cliffs. There’s an existing launch, dock, put-in approx 300yds from Upper Works parking area. Guessing it could be awhile until designated campsites are established but DEC sometimes surprises. Can paddle up Indian Pass brook to within 50 yds of Duck Hole trail footbridge. A 5 min hike from there reaches Wallface leanto.

Looking fwd to a return trip this yr thru Preston Ponds, Duck Hole & down Cold River to Raquette

Cold River?
Jamison wrote in North Flow that this is crazy.

The State does own it now. A friend of mine got in there last Fall and talked to one of the DEC people he knows and I understand that they will begin working on camp sites late this year. There is no camping on the lake now but there is access for boats (no motors of course). We’re going to Duck Hole and the Preston Ponds this spring. Can’t wait to see this. Let’s not talk about it anymore or it’s going to look like a shopping mall at Christmas before long.

Lake Henderson
Hi: It sounds like you are the highly prized Local Resource. I have checked out Lake Henderson on my Topo Map program and would love to kayak it as a trip on the upper Hudson. The question is: How close can you get to launch. I have driven noth towards Tahawus and paddled on Lake Santonini. I would like to get more information about Kayaking in the area. We have friends that own a small house in North Hudson and when we are up north ( I live in SE PA.) I love to kayak in the quiet spots. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have been unable to Locate the book “North Flow” in any of the local bookstores down here. Hope to meet up and paddle this summer.


the parking lot is about 1/4 mi. from henderson. on a dirt road, carts would work on this portion.the carry from henderson to upper preston pond is narrow in places. need to turn a tandum canoe on its side a few times, to get thru. saw otter playing on duck hole when we where in there, at the end of april.

Henderson Lake
Thanks for the heads up. A quarter mile is doable, I just carry my Loon 100 on my shoulder and want to do some paddling on Henderson and work my way south on the Hudson as it heads down past MacEntire Furnace (Sp.) the string of lakes that flow into the marsh area above the Opalescent River. Any further suggestions?

Thanks again,