Hennessey Hammock owners

How comfortable are they? It looks like you can only sleep in one position and that would get old in avery few hours.

Too comfortable
Ridiculously comfortable. Unless it’s cold out. And yes, I’ve tried sveral ways to deal with the cold short of spending about another $300.

Hennessey has a retrofit to make it a four season hammock without buying a new one. (they say) I was on their website last night but don’t own one. (contemplating it)


Too cxomfortable? As in don’t want
to get out?My use would be warm to hot weather.

I’m an owner…
and a rabid fan…I only use a tent now if there is no other choice…

Sleep in any position except maybe your stomach…Roll around…Swing side to side (On purpose)…there is no better place to sleep…

Here’s the deal string…Made public here on P.net…buy one of the Expedition Asym irregulars on sale here:


Use it for one weekend trip…If you don’t like it, I’ll buy it from you, for exactly what you paid for it. (I’ll even pay the shipping).

Hennessey tells me that I need their
extra large hammock - $189.

Yeah, for a fell your heigth
you would feel cramped in a standard length HH.

There is no other way to sleep as comfortably in the summer! Forget about the sweaty clamminess of a tent. In spring or fall you would have to add under insulation to keep from getting chilled, but that is a problem worth solving. On humid nights, I get into mine, settle in, and within a couple of minutes the natural convection kicks in and you feel a noticeable drop in the apparent temperature of the enclosure.

I sleep on my side with occasional time spent on my back. No problems after you learn how to roll over (an acquired skill). Pee break at 3:00 am? Just stand up and utilize your bottle, then sit back down. Q.E.D.

HH’s have no pressure points. You will be amaxed at how good you feel upon waking.

The key to a good pitch is at eye level and taut. You will learn through trial and error.


Happy Hanger for several years now.

Trail Days 2006
Hennessey will display his wares in May at Trail Days…if you can wait to try one out, check out his booth in Damascus Va in May…


If not, find a friend who has one and try his…

I like mine but…
I really like my Hennessey hammocks. I have 2 Expedition Asyms with 4 season kit.

I sleep pretty well in them if, as others have stated it isn’t too cold.

But I don’t see myself ever getting rid of my tents because the hammock isn’t the cure-all end-all shelter some would have you believe. I don’t see myself ever getting rid of the hammocks either though.

For exploring unfamiliar rivers in eastern NC they’re great because dry ground can’t be relied upon. But they do require you to be in the trees where the bug population is higher and the cool breezes are blocked.

Set up and take down is a cinch (no pun).

Very light and easy to pack.

Kind of a pain getting in your bag and getting settled but you’ll get used to that pretty quickly.

The Deluxe Safari for two?
So … does anyone know of two people successfully sharing the HH Safari Deluxe. The catalog says it will work for “cozy couples under 350#”. We meet the weight qualification … but, it seems like it might be a bit TOO cozy for TOO long. Any experience out there?

Hey String
Bonnie and I each have one. Incredibly comfortable, needs insulation when it gets cold. Come to Huntsville and you can try it out!

Two in a HH
cannot be any worse for a relationship than two in a K-2.


Good and bad…
I have spent about 2 weeks total in an HH in weather ranging from cold and wet to pleasantly warm. They are definitely more comfortable than a tent, except when the weather gets extreme. In my case, I spent a couple of very rainy and windy nights in the hammock and by the end of it, I really wanted my tent.

Mine is old
I bought mine for $69 if that give you a hint of how long ago I bought it. Back then they only had one model. It is as comfortable as my bed at home except when it is cold, then I either dress really warmly or just pitch a tent. It is Ideal in the summer. It has been big enough for campers over 6 feet and over 260 pounds.

I think the standard one is only rated for 250 pounds.

It has been great. Everyone I’ve lent it to wanted to buy one.