Hennessy Hammocks (tent)

I bought
one a few years back at a kayak symposium. The dealer put an extra 3 feet of line on each side because of the terrain I lived in at the time. I used it a few times and liked it, but for some reason I still prefer a tent. When I moved north I didn’t get to use it, but it sure is great for a place with lots of guarenteed trees.

back pain
is not part of the HH experience. I have two herniated disks that give me lot’s of trouble. I live in pain every day of my life. But I keep on backpacking, kayaking and biking. When I bought the hammock I thought as you do that it would give me a sore back. Just the opposite! I sleep better than when in a tent and can get out easier than from a tent. You sleep on the diagonal and the hammock straightens out so you don’t sleep in a curved shape. The only drawbacks for me are the cold nights if you don’t figure out a good system for warmth.

HH insulation system
I didn’t sleep in mine at Raystown this past weekend, but I did get a chance to try out the undercover and under pad I bought from HH earlier this year. Adding the cover made a noticeable difference in warmth, and adding the pad made my back toasty warm.

I have been using the Eagles Nest Slap Straps instead of the HH Tree Huggers. They are more adjustable, and with two 'biners tying the HH hitch is very easy.


As usual Boomer, you are full of $h*t…
I was trying to help… I have nothing againsnt anything new or neat (have quite afew of them). The Hennessey hammock has been killed more times than I can count one these boards over the last 5 years I have been here. They are nothing new or neat (to those who have known about them). To this person they may be, but there is also a “search button” as well as the alert button on p.net.

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Snakeskins, back pain
I’ve got the snakeskins but never use them. They’re good if you don’t have room in a pack for the hammock because you can skin it and wrap it over your backpack and the hammock is protected by the snakeskin. Otherwise, it just gets in my way.

Backpain: I have zero backpain in the hammock but LOTS from a thick thermarest on the ground. I have never had such comfortable sleeping in the out of doors as I have in the hammock.

I hope this helps.

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I also did all the leg-work for him. All he had to do was click the link & read… Just like he does now to check his own topic.

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I like you already!

Gear Storage
Where do you all store your gear and clothes when using a hammock? How easy are they to get dressed in? What happens when you don’t want to sleep alone? Is intimacy possible?


“Where do you all store your gear and clothes when using a hammock? How easy are they to get dressed in? What happens when you don’t want to sleep alone? Is intimacy possible?”

I bring in my clothes in my stuff sack use that as a pillow. The rest of gear like cookstuff and food gets hung up in tree. You can change your clothes in the hammock with practice, best to do it outside or in forest away from group. You have to sleep alone…it’s not a couples thing. Bring a tent or tarp for that.

Helpful info
No issue w/ back pain even w/ herniated discs, nice to know. Also, the snakeskins are a scam. The gear has two hooks inside the hammock to hang, on ends. See www.hennessyhammock.com for details. I love the hammock and all your wicked cool advice.

you all may have talked
me into trying a newer design hammock. I used the old , mil. style web set up, but never got comfortable in em. Since I am single again, may just have to pick up 1 and try it.

Sounds like a good way to stay single.

HH sleeping is the best thing for my back short of a sports massage. But I really like the snakeskins - they keep the hammock clean while setting up & striking camp, and eliminate the need for a stuffsack while backpacking.


snake skins
I agree that they are really great for easy packing and unpacking. Not to mention trying to set up in rain. Look at the link to Sgt Rock website at the link for knots and go to gear reviews see his very easy to understand set ups in rain, etc. The skins are worth it in my opinion not a scam.

Hennessy hammock–where to put gear?
I string a gear hammock directly under my Hennessy hammock. I can get my stuff by reaching down through the entrance slit in the floor. When I exit the HH i put my legs just a bit to one side of the gear hammock. Works fairly well.

You obviously

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don't need any advice on how to have a good time, cooldoctor1.

I put mine under my silnylon poncho tent…


Forget the Army Poncho, and use the poles idea with a silnylon poncho for backpacking…(Longer to fit over packs)

put it under the tarp over the hammock, or close by, 2 stakes, on opposing corners to keep it from blowing away in a gust…

they are great for backpacking, i had one…

but in all MY paddling, i havnt camped too many places where I could have pitched a HH…

IMHO this is where a free standing 1 person tent shines

I spent two weeks kayak camping on Lake Superior and Georgian Bay. We paddled from Old Woman Bay to Dennison Falls and Killarney to Byng Inlet. We camped out of the kayaks at very rustic campsites along the shore. This was my field test of the HH expedition hammock and I thought I would share my impressions.

I should start and will finish with the statement that the hammock is by far the most comfortable camp sleeping I have ever had and I could not be happier with the hammock.

I noticed several problems field testing the HH A sym expedition hammock and made these modifications. Many people may not feel the need to make these modifications. Backpackers, who are more concerned with weight than kayakers, will certainly not make them.

Problem: Small rain fly. Solution: Kelty Tarp for rain fly

Problem: Cheap plastic fly attachments Solution: Metal clips and rings from hardware store.

Problem: Cheap line to attach fly to tent pegs. Solution: Narrow shock chord from fabric store.

Problem: Poor hammock line attachment to tree huggers Solution: Heavy duty carabineers from hardware store to attach to tree huggers for hammock lines.

Problem: Cold floor for hammock Solution: Inexpensive quilt on hammock bottom. Also buy a blanket for top cover too.

Problem: Insects bites through hammock bottom. Solution: bottom quilt or blanket, treat hammock bottom with permethrin and camper with deet bug repellent.

Problem: Stray branches interfering with hammock. Solution: carry small folding saw to prune trees.

Problem: Getting into sleeping bag while lying in a hammock. Solution: Practice, Practice, Practice.

Problem: No vestibule. Solution: bring a large dry bag and use it as a vestibule.