Hennessy Hammocks (tent)

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I see these on eBay, and they look super nice. Has anyone tried one, what are your thougts. Looks to be much better than a tent, and can hang over water, not need flat ground, for kayakers this baby looks ideal. Anyone have one?


I use a Hennessy and like it very much, two trees and your ready to go, low impact and light. I use a larger fly than the one that comes standard. I need more operating room. The through the bottom entry is unique and easy to get into. In cooler weather you need to insulate your backside though.

Sorry, but somebody has to do it…
I realize that this site may be new to you,but there is a search option that can be used for such information to provide the poster with alittle insight before he/she posts a “dupe” (or duplicate post). Sharing thoughts, ideas or innovations on such a post are no problem, but on a post that has been covered over & over gets alittle less attention than expected by the poster, thus resulting in dissapointment.


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Hennessy Hammocks (tent)

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I have used one and they
are great. I thought that it would be a little awkward at first but it was a comphy sleep. You will not be disappointed.

Don’t worry repeat post, ask away. Coffee just has a personal dislike of anything new or neat like the Hennessy and is taking it out on you.

Love mine
Started with the old ultralight and now bought the A-Sym Ultralight. Great for backpacking and less than 2lbs. I also like it for stealth camping when you are exploring new areas via kayak. Low impact and you don’t need level ground for set up, two trees and you are sleeping in comfort and protected from weather and most importantly, bugs. For cold weather (to me it’s 50 and under)you will need some kind of insulating material under you such as a ridgerest pad. I also use a lightweight thermal blanket such as what they sell for emergency gear. I throw this blanket over my sleeping bag and tuck the sides in under me when it’s very cold (again, read what I think is cold above).

thats what we call “good sleepin’ weather”

when you wake up and the tent is armored with ice, that is when it gets a bit chilly.

I just knew I would get a response like that from a northerner…Down here in south florida 50 = freezing cold! I am a wimp.

i’ll side with beachcomber

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From Miami myself, the 50 degree day down there feels alot colder than it does here in SC. I have come to love cold weather camping. Still haven't camped in heavy snows or ice but have done it where the temps have dropped to the teens.

I guess I should add I have a HH. I don't use it as often as I would like. Not really designed for predesigned tent sites. I have used it on overnight trips where you are not required to camp at specific locations and really enjoyed it. I don't like it for cool(below 50) or cold weather camping(below 30) because I don't like putting the sleeping pad inside. It just isn't as comfortable then. They have the tent blankets you can buy for it now so you don't need the pad but I don't own one. I think the pad defeats the whole point of the hammock.

Coffee was just trying to help

Great, but…
an extra tarp is a good idea for any real rain. I had a couple of wet nights that convinced me. No need to worry about the floor leaking, though. And definitely more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.

sure he was…

have them, use them
We’ve got two Hennessey’s and like using them a lot unless it’s cold out. I sleep much better in the hammock than I do on the ground even with a thick thermarest on the ground. In cold weather, I put a pad I constructed into the hammock. Found the plans online somewhere: it’s a blue closed cell foam sheet with a windshield reflector all covered by a blue fabric of some sort… has wings that wrap around you. It makes the hammock tolerable down into the mid 40’s but it takes up a lot of room when paddling.

Check out Speer Hammocks!

Speer makes another beautiful hammock, and they also make a great sleeping pod accessory and other items. Worth a look, I prefer it in some ways to Henessey.

One final question:

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The Hennessey hammock -- I now have one thanks to your wonderful new advice, and I thank you for updated opinions and not having me slog through archived advice ( Maybe there is an archived thread on "How to boil coffee?" Answer: seek updated advice by dupe query)

Has anyone had trouble though with the actual tying onto tree? I mean, the package directions with the web straps and the twirling idea seems slow. For instance, is there not a way to somehow tie this to the tree with a carabiner on each end --- warp around tree, clip, and bang, done. Anyone have any thoughts or experience?

And I thank you all again for your wonderful "fresh out of the oven" perspectives on the Hennessy Hammock and its zesty, brand spanking new ways of use, many of which you have discovered in the past few weeks, if not days or even hours, making this information updated from all the archived posts. Your super fresh and crisp advice is great! I plan to use your newfound advice, and get out and actually live life, paddle and nap in the hammock -- rather than loitering around, month after month, on this website until I see the same question come up repeatedly and drive myself mad like some form of web-based Chinese water torture.

To you all, I tip my cup of coffee in thanks.

The Hennessy knot on the stuff sack looks complicated but it’s not. Around the tree around the rope and through the gap between rope and tree. Do it again, again, and once more. Two biners would still require some kind of knot. I usually find that I have to adjust slack or positioning once or twice. The hugger straps are about protecting the tree.

The thing that is nice about the Hennessy is its simplicity, dot’t complacate it. Learn a good knot and practice.

As long as you only paddle where there’s plenty of trees you’ll do find. Just never travel to the desert west.

Some hammocks do not need trees
Possibly in jest, of course, but actually some hammocks do not require trees to be set up and useful. They do not function as a hammock, but will function as a tarp and bivy system. Speer works this way and I suspect others will also.

Look on the hennesy website…
for tips on treeless use with hiking sticks, purportedly great for rocky mountaintops and deserts.

Link to video with knot instructions

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I agree that with a bit of experience (usually a couple of trips) you will find the knot tying so simple it's not worth the extra weight of bringing carabiners.

Check out this website for knot tying explained. BTW: I double my line at the end when making the half hitch so it's easier to remove when I break camp.


Yes, you can use hiking poles to set up the hammock in areas without trees or only one good tree spot.

This is a very useful video link… and

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I appreciate the advice from you all. I learned quite a bit from the video link and will now have another option than just tying the line onto the tree like I have been tying my shoelaces since I was five years old (man, I remember kicking and throwing those shoes around like a little puddin' head -- and that knot is ten times easier than this hennesy tent knot!) I think this product looks super neat, the way it goes into a cinch sack and can be put up and taken down fast. Not sleeping on wet ground seems a humongous advantage, and not one of you has mentioned what I would think would be the downside of all this: a sore back in the morning. But I suppose if the Skipper and Gilligan can use successfully, and the Professor did not figure a better sleeping method, then I should be alright (but why in the name of God did Gilligan sleep right over the Skipper? Twisted line pratfalls aside, Gilligan looked like a bedwetter to me). I see on the link how the gentleman uses the Snakeskins, worth the extra $18 in your opinions? It looks to me like it is not such a hard time to simply pull down roll up and back in bag (what would it take, about 2 minutes) if the ground is dry.

I plan to use mine for siestas if I ever manage to get away to sunny climes this winter (one trip already planned); a long Stephen King novel set in wintery New England in one hand, a strong but limey margarita in the other, and me looking out at the blue waves and my 'yak on the beach through the no-see-um hammock flynet. Ahh, livin' large.