Here is my gear....

What else do you bring that you can’t “paddle without”?

Lost the sound

looks cold
with all that room and cold temps out in a remote place I would want more of a back up strategy in the event of getting wet

perhaps an extra bag with: a bivy bag with some kind of liner, base layers, hat, hot water

at least some kind of external heat and hot water to warm back up

At about 5 seconds in, looks like you couls use some tissues…

rope and knife ??
… maybe just me but I can’t imagine going out without them … the rope gets used for a tie off during shore landings many times (plus other uses) .

My MILF magnet
and condoms

You need some mud, crud, and
scrapes in the boat, so you can change your status to “intermediate” !

And add a painter

Jack L

instead of knee pads
glue some minicell to the bottom of your canoe.

I will have to check that out.

yeah, those would help…lol

Yeah, the thing has been in the water more than not, so it is time to change the level! lol