Here is what we are up against!

This is a look at what the future is shaping up to look like, and the economic forces at play. Recycling and reuse isn’t in their interest.

This idea that Willowleaf put forward an i embellished on isn’t what we are headed for unless we take a stand.

Transforming an idea put forth by Heineken in 1963!

Perhaps a photo resistant sturdy plastic that would snap together or slide into place to lock on all edges so they could make thin or thick walled structures. It would be a great way to provide drinking water/food containers, and insure a steady supply of building material rather than trash. They could even be filled with dirt if need be like sandbags. Some could be clear to let in light and some could be different colors or block sunlight. They would have an intrinsic value, and could possibly be used to barter for goods. I can see an immediate use in disaster relief efforts.