Here we are again, a bit early

The p.nuts sitting around the virtual campfire with our beverages of choice. I’m sure the beverages will change as the cold deepens and claustrophobia sets in.
If you tend to be overly loquacious, don’t be surprised if we wander from or change the discussion.
Please remain civil. Remember, paddlers are not typical users of arcane words or phraseology.


You live in the wrong place. 82 and sunny in Tampa today, supposed to be the same tomorrow.

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To Nickel and Dime a Phrase (ology)
(the Norm as it came a Crosby)

Are cane words used to beat about the reeds?
Well, a fool in rushes fearful angel exceeds,
to rudely cat about tales treading never so lightly.
Change of word command comes when we simply frag mighty.

Now pour me another, barkeep! For the winter night is dark, and full of error.

Oh! And another thing! I may be low, but I’ve never been quacious the same since they Funked my Wagnel.


Doing my best to avoid claustrophobia.


“Don’t use a five-dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do.”
- Mark Twain

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