Here's a great little trip on the upper Missouri River in Montana.

My daughter and I paddled into the Gates of the Mountains (Missouri River), and then hiked up onto the cliffs. Click on the link to read about it and enjoy the photos.

Before you go, read “Young Men and Fire” by Norman Maclean, and then hike up Mann Gulch to the memorials to the 13 firefighters who were killed in the Mann Gulch Fire, which are located at the points where their bodies were found. It’s pretty gripping to imagine them running up the slope with the fire roaring up behind them, and then being overcome only a short distance from the ridgetop and relative safety.

Thanks for sharing. I was through there with some colleagues from work on a power boat around 17 years ago. I’ve always wanted to go back to paddle. The hiking looks like great fun too. Beautiful area.

Great photos. I paddle down there a few times a year. Was done there in late October. Never hiked up on that west side though—great pics. Will have to hike up there. William Clark hiked across the top and didn’t travel thru the Gates with the other men. He was slightly further west of you and not within view of the river. Thanks