Here's my kayak storage rack

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I thought I'd show my hauling and storage rack for our Tsunami 145's. Didn't take too much to build, and it works great. I've driven 50 MPH straight into a gentle Nevada breeze (around 40-50 MPH) with the yaks on the truck with no sign of movement.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and get a brief description.

OK, It looks like I had to create a guest password to let you view the album. The password is "kayaking" (without the quotes). Please let me know if it works now.


Would if I could
It’s asking for a login - - as in something kinda private???

Is this a Tsunami 145?
The foam/board looks very nice and supportive.

Mine seems to be doing just fine on two straps, upside down, however:

And I’m thinking of replacing these pulleys/lines with a rigid support so that it is easier for me to put the kayak up. For you - that might not work as it seems your ceiling is high.

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Logging into album desertmoose4 : yak rack

So we have to join
Photobucket in order to see the pictures?

try this

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I don't think so, click on the link and try the password kayaking.

Is there a better way to show the photos?

edit: I went in and tried making the album public. Seems to work without any password now for me. try it now and let me know.



Works now!

nice job
on the table and chairs !