Here's some good advice

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Before posting use some common sense. Think about what you are asking and decide if is a reasonable question. I was just reading through the list of subjects and some questions are totally ridiculous.

OK the ranting is over. I'm going paddlin'.

BTW what color of hat should I wear?

Paddlin' on

I think you should wear

Then again maybe that could clash with your outfit.

A light shade of fuchsia might be more suited to your personality but could be not be agreeable with your mood on a Monday.

Anybody else would like to suggest the appropriate color hat?

After all it’s a big decision that Richard has on his hands.

And I think everybody should help him out…

You mean this type of posts and replies?

While we are it… what should I do with my kayak getting the deck wet and having salty marks appearing while I paddle.

They do go away when I wash the kayak with fresh water but I think it is ruining the finish of the gelcoat while I paddle.

Please help: I’m desperate :slight_smile:


I’ll bet you looked pretty


Couldn’t you at least have provided
a link to a new and unanalyzed paddler death? One with so few known facts that we can have whatever opinion suits our fancy?

Here is some more good advice
Before posting a response use some common sense. Think about what you are typing and decide if is a reasonable response. I was just reading through some responses and some of them are totally ridiculous.

thats the way they were intended to be!


going paddling tomorrow and just waiting for bedtime.

God, I know I will be paddling a boat, but should I take along two of each animal?

Please stop the rain. I am turning into a mushroom.

Since you’ve switched to pink…
Maybe you should change your name to Georgia_peach kayaker. Sounds pretty good!!!

Which hat? First I need to know…
Where you will be paddling

Kayak or conoe and what it’s made of

Solo or Tandem

I need to know your height and weight

What you will be bringing

How long you will be out

Any dog going

Any other people going

You know, just the important stuff for such an important decision.

Just Kidding Ness

Get a hat that matches your pfd

And get a haircut. Damn hippie!

to match your boat