Heritage Expedition LP

I just bought an Expedition sea kayak sit on top. I was wondering what the purpose was for the raised plastic in-between your legs with what seems to be a “tray” molded into it that is about 2 3/4" x 12" with a little notch at the end. It seems like it would be for something specific. any insight?

Heritage Kayaks
I have a Seadart that has the same construction feature. My thought was that the center pillar is designed to give footwells that don’t load up with too much water and give rigidity to the boat. The little indentation looks like it was an afterthought and a place where you can put a water bottle. That’s what I have done and use a little piece of velcro glued to the boat to hold it and my GPS in place. The Heritage expedition is a great SOT. Very able kayak. You will like it if you do long distance paddling.