Heritage Expedition XL

Going to buy a fibergalass Heritage Expedition XL SOT 18ft kayak. It was made in 1999 and weighs only 54lbs according to my 2000 Canoe and Kayak Buyers Guide. Looks like a great deal but just wanted to inquire if anyone has experience or comments regarding this boat. Thanks

No personal knowledge, but I’ll bet
an 18 foot FG boat will weigh more than 55#. Doesn’t mean you should pass it up, but as you know, glass cloth is the heaviest hull building material in common use. But it could be a really nice boat, and if it actually weighs 60 or so, you’re still all to the good.

heritage expedition lp & MKII
Dont know about this boat personally but i can tell you that i have seen other heritage expedition models that have higher stated weights

expedition MKII: 17’4"x26" roto 68 lbs

expedition LP: 17’2"x27" rotomolded platic 79lbs.

i think you will find that weights are often mistated so best to be sure.

This one is fiberglass
Yeah that weight of 54 lbs may be a little optimistic but should still be lighter than a comparable poly boat. I hope I can work out the purchase!

Rare Find and excellent sit on top
if its still in good shape.

Are you sure it’s not kevlar?
Topkayaker only lists 3 Heritage Expeditions and 2 of them are plastic, the other is kevlar. And, it’s called the Expedition KV and also known as the MKII. http://www.topkayaker.net/KayakData/KayakStats7.asp

Really great boats though. 26" wide is nice.

Definately Glass
I have several Paddler and C&K buyers guide magazine editions from the late 90’s and they show an Expedition XL specufically and eclusivly made of fiberglass. This one is yellow above the waterline and white below. It is in very good condition.

Finally got it
Christmas was two weeks late. My FIRST KAYAK after owning MANY canoes. Pretty rare choice for a first kayak. Got the Heritage Expedition XL yesterday. Cleaned it up before the frigid weather hit. I think I got a great deal. It does not weigh much at all. Certainly 50 something lbs. Look forward to warmer weather but until then it just needs some rigging work but that appears to be it besides some hull finish restoration. Its pretty dirty and has some stains from decaying leaves.