Heritage Featherlite 14 opinions

I’m just about to special order this boat for spring delivery and have asked for opinions on it in the fishing board and have been told it is a good fishing boat. Now I will only be fishing out of it about 25% of the time so if anyone has any other opinions on it for general use and the occasional weekender they would be appreciated…


Nice Light Kayak
Heritage 14 is a flat-bottomed kayak. NOT for big water (big lakes) without a skirt.

These are rec boats so don’t use them for wild, rough conditions. Many persons use these kayaks on fairly fast, small rivers as they don’t capsize easily as long as there aren’t rapids and standing waves. And the cockpit is big enough that you can slide down to get under some obstacles.

HOWEVER, the intent of this design is to be a nice, quick enough rec kayak. Don’t overuse the design. They are nice boats for what they are.


won’t be taking this in any extreme conditions (at least none I can foresee). the biggest water body I’ve taken my current rec boat in is Rondeau Bay off of Lake Erie and Mitchells Bay off Lake St. Clair. Mostly it will be used for Rec, weekend trip duty. I’m very used to using a sprayskirt with larger cockpits as I have one for my current boat as well with a 22x42inch cockpit…

thanks for the help on this, i didn’t think anyone on this board was going to reply…LOL I’m wrong again.

You are Welcome
It’s a very nice fishing platform.