Heritage featherlite 14?

I was just wondering if anyone has the Angler edition of this boat and what your thoughts on it were. I’m looking at picking one up but unfortunately I won’t be able to test paddle this before I buy as no one within 7 hours of me has one in stock. I am going to have to special order it through a dealer that is still 3.5 hours north of me so I’m trying to do as much research on it before hand…



I can only tell you what others have
told me. Its a good kayak to fish from. It tracks well and is pretty much on par with other kayaks in its class. Actually, I’m not sure that, other than maybe a Pelican, there are many recreational type kayaks that don’t do a good job. As for the Angler edition, its nice that the rod holder in front of the kayak is a good one. I don’t much care for flush mounted rod holders like the ones in the rear. Its not as much of a problem in freshwater, but in salt water, reels are constantly soaked by wave water.

You may want to look at other similar kayaks too. One of them may fit your needs. Particularly, the Pungo and Pamlico kayaks from Wilderness Systems come to mind, though I’m not sure WS still makes a 14 ft version of the Pamlico.

Heritage Angler 14
I got an Angler 12 a few years ago. I fish out of it with no problems. I do most of my fishing on slow moving freshwater rivers in upstate NY. Large cockpit gives plenty of room. I see that Heritage added a front mounted rod holder and an anchor system. These are things I added after I bought mine. I also added a paddle holder. I feel it is a great kayak for the money I spent. I’m happy with mine and it still looks like new.

A general comment
I’m not a big fan of pre-rigged angler editions. I prefer to do my own rigging.

Otherwise, it’s a pedigreed fishing kayak. Lots of users, not many complaints.

This is a general comment as I have never paddled this particular model.

Agree about the rigging. I’ve found it
best to go through a bit of fishing time before committing to permanent rigging. Pre-rigged kayaks are set up based on the “average”. That may or may not fit one’s fishing style and physical attributes. As an example, I’ve a long torso, short arms for a person of my height. I need my rod holder set where I can grab it without leaning, that may be shorter than another person. I’ve run into that when I’ve loaned one of my kayaks to others. I’ve a boat cleat that is set perfectly for me, others seem to bang it with their paddle.

not too worried
I’m not overly worried about how they have it rigged as that is the way I’ve rigged my current boat and it seems to work for me. My fishing is only about 25% of my time in the kayak and when it is I generally only flyfish so any flush mount rod holders are useless for me but i do tend to use them for other things, I put a high vis flag in them in busy areas and use the other to hold my net. I’d be changing the spin rod holder on the front but they use scotty for them which I have the fly rod holder that will plug right into the mount. I’m more worried about how fast this boat will be as I cover a lot of water when I go and how straight as well as the carrying capacity and dry storage as I’d like to take it on weekenders up north next year…

thanks for all the comments, they’re all appreciated and any more would be as well…


As far as speed, it should have good

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glide, what you really want anyway. Its fairly narrow of a recreational kayak and the length will add to helping maintain a steady speed. There's not a lot of difference in the speed of one similar length kayak in this class over another, so that glide is what I look for. That will help maintain your speed and be able to paddle at a comfortable rate. I figure anything in the 3-4 mph range is pretty decent for longer trips. The fish pro 14 should be able to do that and more.

The 14 version
was my first “new” yak I ever bought. Great for fishing and long trips; still have it. Versatile for a beginner or someone that fishes light-or doesn’t fish at all. I use the front Scotty for rod and rear mounts for handled net, flag or whatever.

Lot of fun for $600.

got the 9.5
I have the 9.6 Angler. All I can say is I love this boat. Nicely rigged and stable. I cannot speak to your specific model, but the Heritage offerings are very nice. Mine is khaki and I swear the hull triggers fish to bite.

I’ve decided to order this boat for spring delivery through a dealer about three hours away from me. I generally hate ordering anything I don’t see in person, but so far no one has an issue with quality or construction with these boats for what I’m looking at so I’m going ahead with it. One (maybe two) of my fellow paddlers are also ordering with me on this and saving some money by ordering them together… Thanks for all the advice, it really helped.

Dana J. Cofell

Let me know how you like it.
It is definitely one of the more interesting fishing kayaks. Weight is reasonable and I think one of the slimmer models at 28 in wide.


Actually, better. 25" width.
From their website:


Length: 14’ 5" (436cm)

Width: 25" (63cm)

Depth: 12” (30cm)

Kayak Weight: 59 lbs. (27kg)

Cockpit Length: 46” (117cm)

Cockpit Width: 18.5” (47cm)

Stern Hatch Length: 9.25” (23cm)

Stern Hatch Width: 9.25” (23cm)

Capacity: 350 lbs. (159kg)

I have the Stingray 14, although it’s branded LL, not Heritage. Old seat, no thigh pads, but has the old version of storage behind the seat that I think Heritage dropped. I wish I’d gone for the Featherlite instead. Looks more efficient, looks like it would track better and although I like the LL seat, I think the new one looks more comfortable. I just got in a hurry AND got an incredible deal.

just bought the Fisherman Pro 14
Academy Sports and Outdoors has them on clearance for $199.88. Haven’t fished it yet. I also have the 9.5 version and love it.

Are you in the Houston area? saw
a post on texaskayakfisherman.com by a guy who just bought the same kayak from Academy. Quite a deal.

No, I’m actually…
18 miles south of Ok on 75 in Van Alstyne. Most of the Academy’s up here shipped theirs to Houston stores. I cannnot wait to try it out.

I’ve read your posts on TKF, you are
the guy who catches big crappie. I post under the name of greyloon.

Well yea…
that’s why they call me the “Texas Crappie Fisherman”

Now we know what TCF stands for.
Gotta give you credit, those pictures are of some of the biggest crappie I’ve seen in a long time. Cold weather, that’ll get 'em on the move.

a long drive yesterday me and a few of my friends picked up our new boats. My Featherlite 14, another of the same and a Pisgah. We are thoroughly happy with the finish and construction details so far on these boats and will be sure to update once we take them out for a while…