Heritage Featherlite 9.5 or Pamlico 100

Hi all,

I need some help - after extensive online research and some visits to boating shops, I’m trying to decide between 2, maybe 3 kayaks: The Heritage Featherlite 9.5, Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 or maybe Emotion Edge. I can buy the Pamlico or Heritage locally, but would have to order the Edge via online and will not be able to sit in one. They are all similar in price. I must stay under $500, need 300lbs or more capacity and like smaller, light weight for easy transport. I plan to use for ponds, lakes, slower rivers, class I or II at the most and will fish from it a lot.

It’s a tough choice since they all seem comfortable and about the same price! Any and all advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and Thanks in advance!

The Heritage is a popular kayak
in that length. Don’t know much about the others. The Heritage is roomy and has a 300 lb capacity,though that’s probably a bit under what it can haul.

Class 2
IMO, I really really wouldn’t put any of these in class 2 moving water.

Is the 300 lbs mostly you or you and a tackle box, lunchbox etc?

One consideration for fishing - are any of these boats set up with better doodads for fishing than the others - rod holder, deck webbing, that kind of thing?

The Heritage comes either way. Most
big box stores carry the angler model. Not much difference other than to flush mount rod holders behind the seat.

fishing kayak
the heritage has a flatter bottom and would be able to float in more shallow water. If you are going to use it in rivers with numerous shallow water sections then this would be a good choice. The pamlico has more of a v shaped hull which would be an advantage (tracking) if you would be using it mainly in deeper water. They are both good rec boats in my opinion.

The Heritage is an excellent kayak
Legacy Paddlesports donated a Heritage to our James River 400 and we’ve had great fun with in on the James in Virginia. We’ve run it through rock gardens, ledges, class II-III rapids and not had a moment’s hesitation. If you’re in bigger, splashier wave trains a spray skirt is a great accessory to have along. Also, if you’re running it in whitewater put kayak air bags in the stern and in front of foot pedals so it’s easier to rescue and dump water if you flip. Just be careful of any rapids that have broaching and pinning possibilities since the Featherlight doesn’t have reinforced bulkheads.

The Pamlico’s are good, too. I had a Pam 145T for a while and sold it to a friend of mine so he can take his young boy fishing. They love it, and took it to the Outer Banks this week for vacation.


300 lb capacity
Regarding the 300 lb capacity, no, I do not weigh 300 lbs myself. I’m close to 250 lbs. I just figured I need to kayak with a capacity at 300 or more to handle my weight plus some fishing gear.

Thanks for all the help! Still a tough decision…also, anyone who can weigh in on an Emotion Edge, let me know.

Other than not particularly caring for
the looks of Emotion kayaks, the Edge appears to be a fairly standard issue short recreational kayak. All the kayaks you are looking at probably meet your needs. The Pamlico is going to have the best resell value should you decide to trade up to a longer kayak on down the line. But, either of the other two will serve your purpose, as well an Old Twon Otter, Otter XL, or Rush.

If you are concerned about your weight plus gear overloading the kayak, you may want to consider moving up to a larger kayak. But, I’ve a 9.5 Necky Sky, same class of kayaks, weigh 230 lbs, have had it loaded with another 100 lbs and noticed very little difference in how it sat in the water. It tracked better with the load.