Heritage Featherlite

In my never ending quest to find a great second 'yak today I looked at a 12 foot Heritage Featherlite.(I’m the guy who doesn’t like the Pungo seat )

I read the reviews about the smaller version, everyone raves about it.

The seat however leaves a bit to be desired. It’s a one piece thin cheesy piece that lays in the poly seat bucket. I’ve never seen a seat that “weak.” Anyone here have any experiance with the yak in general and more specificly the seat?

It was just reviewed- take a look or
e-mail the reviewer.

other choices
You may want to check out other kayak makes too. I’ve a Necky Sky, 9.6. Have had about a month and use it to fish from. Its great. Even takes moderately rough water well. Its wide and stable with a big cockpit. I’ve looked at some Old Towns and other sit in kayaks and like them too. I with you on the Heritage seat, its a little cheesy.

I Sell the Things
For the money they are great kayaks.

I know of a guy who takes his on the ocean. They are NOT designed for that.

Light weight and nice hull design. Good kayaks for the money…

Seems to me
that you’re actually seat shopping. IMHO maybe you should find the yak that suits your needs and modify or change the seat to your liking. Isn’t that really part of the fun? Outfitting and customizing your boat to fit you and your needs. Good luck in your quest to find the perfect yak.

Shopping for a seat
You know I was thinking the same thing last night. After doing extensive searching, my Sundance 12 is looking better and better. In my opinion it’s only weak link is the seat, and I have fixed that a bit. Everything else with that yak is perfect for my needs.

I may be best off just buying a second Sundance and continuing my efforts to make the seat as good as possible.

I could buy a different brand boat and still end up with seat issues, different ones which would also need resolution.

…if you reread my post you will see that I did read the reviews…

Featherlite 12
I bought a Featherlite 12 last year. I don’t have any real complaints about it, but yes, the seat could use some improvement and no, I haven’t done anything about it as of yet. I have thought about buying a gel-filled Yakpad.

Didn’t mean to imply
that you didn’t read the reviews, I just wanted to alert you that there was a brand new one that came out concurrent with your post.

Good luck in your boat search.

Just paddled at Featherlite 12 yesterday and being a budding boat snob I was prepaired to dislike BUT DIDN’T. I actually liked how it handled (the 9’6" is a whole 'nother story). But I have to say if the seat ain’t comfy than the trip isn’t as fun. I love my sea kayak but have never managed to get the seat comfy and now it barely gets paddled.

Featherlite 14
Would love to paddle the 14’ model, although it’s hard to tell from the pics but it doesn’t seem to have much/or any rocker. At 25" beam, i’m guessing it’s pretty speedy for a rec type yak. Their website does’t list the cockpit size, anyone have any idea of the dimensions?

Buy the Heritage Alpha
And put your own seat in.