Heritage Fisherman Pro?

Has anyone ever paddled one of these? I hear they’re sleek and fast and I can get one for $400

I’m moastly paddling swamps and slow rivers now.

For a SOT that size, they are known
as being fast. But, the weight capacity isn’t that great. If fairly light and you aren’t carrying a lot of gear, its an OK SOT. If heavier and/or carrying a lot, you will probably ship water over the sides or be sitting in water from the scupper holes. Its no longer on the Heritage website, believe its being discontinued in favor of the Redfish.

Nice boat
It’s a nice looking SOT, very sleek looking compared to the newer Heritage Redfish models. If you are not planning on hauling a ton of gear I say go for it…better than future Heritage SOT options (I recently demoed a Redfish and was not impressed).

The Redfish is an OK fishing kayak.
But there are a lot of others now that paddle better and fish as well, including the Manta Ray, its stable mate over at Native now.

I Sold These
They’re a very fast sit on top.

I like them.


I like mine
I too found one on the used market and I really like it. You might want to check the price of a new one as well, I think they are still being sold through Academy Sports for around $500.

I have only used mine on lakes and swamps so far, in another month I will be trying some coastal fishing with it. There is not really any above deck storage and that is the only real shortcoming of its design.

I have the sit in
I have the sit in style and a friend bought the SOT. We are both very pleased with the results.

Best of all, I am convinced this hull provokes fish to bite. When I paddle past shore fishermen, most of them get a bite! Also worl for the pilot. These are great versatile craft. I use mine in lakes and rivers. Lots of fun when the surf kicks up. Really great all round boat.

The vertical entrance and exit of the hull causes noticable pushing when ferrying. But once you get used to it, you plan your angle of attack for eddie lines to account for the push at the crossing point. I hope I did not make that sound difficult because it is not. It just may be something you may not have experienced before.

These thing cans take a pounding. I cannot believe mine is still in one piece. Mine is the 9.5 Angler. Great size, for my needs I am glad I did not go with the 12 or 14. I can’t believe all the stuff I can carry on this little package. Got more fish out of this boat this year than the previous ten years combined.

i see
what your saying about the curent catching you just have to take that into account

I’ll also be on swamps and rivers maybe doing some touring with my friend who has a hobie with the petal system, so i want something fast to keep up

I Also Sold the Anglers
My buddy bought me out of the Heritage kayaks, but the Anglers are VERY nice for fishing.