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Hopefully I will be able to try out a couple Heritage SOTs in the near future. I want to try the Osprey and the SeaDart(Fisherman?). The Osprey is 13 feet long and is 29inches wide. The SeaDart is 14 feet long and 28 inches wide. I want to use the boat for shallowish Texas rivers. I know they are not as shallow as other SOTs but I’m really interested in trying them out. Does anyone out there care to weigh in with a comparision if you have paddled one or both? I know there’s another thread out there where I asked about SOTs for shallow rivers, but now I’m interested in POSSIBLY getting one of these. Any thoughts, feelings, do and dont’s? (And-isn’t the SeaDart and the Fisherman the same boat with slightly different rigging?)

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Unusual Design
The Hertitage boats have a unique design. The main part of the hull is a narrrow, rounded displacement hull with built in sponsons to give it stability. It is designed mostly for the ocean.

I think a flat hull like the Wilderness Systems Tarpons, or the Ocean Kayak Scupper or Mars would be better for shallow rivers, but the Heritage is a little sportier.

The Fisherman and SeaDart are the same boat with different rigging.

Perception Bimini works great in rough or flat waters. Been out 3+ mile in gulf with 2 1/2’ + waves, it handled fantastic. Does as good in rivers.

For an expert angler’s opinion on the

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Heritage SeaDart and Osprey: www.adventurekayakingfishing.com and e-mail "Dave" with your question. I have a rigged SeaDart and find it an excellent fishing SOT. The Expedition is a longer, faster, and heavier version, also excellent for fishing.

I just bought a seadart for my wife/kids and as a buddy boat…I’ve only had it out a couple of times but I really like it…good speed for a SOT and it is also very stable. I think Heritage makes a good boat for the money.

The Seadart is a fast well designed and quality constructed SOT; it is designed mostly for paddling on big water I presume. It tracks very well with a built in skeg and I don’t think it would be the best choise for paddling on rivers that wind. The boat does not really seem to sit lower in the water than other SOTs; I’m not sure where that idea came from. It should be fine in shallow water, the only issue would be how maneuverable it would be. The shorter Heritage boats may be good for rivers. I would certainly give them a try, I love my Seadart but I use it for day tours on the Ocean on the pacific coast.