Heritage Kayaks

Have you heard anything about the company Heritage Kayaks? Do they have a parent company that makes a more well known line of kayaks? I specifically want to know about their featherlite boat that is 9’.5" thanks much. Happy paddling!!

I have the economy version
The heritage Alpha, Cost me $299 from Ardvaarks Florida Kayak Company in Crystal River, Florida.


Excellent beginners kayak. I also posted my comments on the product review section

Originally Hop On Top
The orginal company was Hop On Top. They were known for handmade fiberglass and kevlar sit on top kayaks with an unique sponson design. I have the Hop On Top Shearwater in Kevlar. It is 18’ long, 24" wide, and weighs 44# Sold for about $3,000 when new.

Someone else started Heritage and bought out Hop On Top. The owner of Hop on Top stayed and designed the orignal Heritage plastic boats, but has sinced moved on.

I don’t know the boat you are speaking of, but most of the Heritage designs follow the original design

Has been around for a while and they make a pretty decent kayak. Most of their boats are sit on tops. They have a couple of sit insides that spring to mind,…Featherlight and Merlin. Their sit on tops are pretty stable and pretty quick. I’m familiar with the Seadart (Fisherman) and their big touring model the Expedition. Nice boats.

Heritage Kayaks
Thanks for the info…I am probably going to go with a Heritage!!! J

Heritage is located in Bristol RI
As others have noted they primarily known for making rotomolded SOTs ranging from short fat rec models up to a 17.3 foot sea kayak.

They also make a few Sit insides, the Featherlite among them. It seems that their Sit Inside model line is expanding while their SOT line is contracting.

I have a 16.5 ft Heritage Nomad SOT in plastic, while I can’t tell you anything specific about the Featherlite, I can attest to the build quality of Heritage kayaks.

Good Luck with your choice.

heritage kayaks
My girlfriend and i bought 2 fetherlights in the spring $299/each and have used them every weekend. These boats are great. Stable,nimble and i have fished successfully out of them.They can be a little work on windy days in big water, but otherwise lots of fun.