Heritage Kayaks???

-- Last Updated: Nov-14-07 5:56 PM EST --

I've been going through reading reviews here of different kayaks I've been considering. Imagine my surprise when Heritage Kayaks wasn't listed as a kayak manufacturer!

Wha' happened? (or is it something that's better left unmentioned?)

you missed?

Must have…
…although, Heritage is not listed on all of the kayak manufacturer lists throughout the site. I just didn’t look on the right one.

Thanks! (I feel like an idiot…)

manufacturers have to pay to list?
I think I read here that paddling.net now requires manufacturers to pay if they want to have a listing in the buyers’ guide. Is that where you see Heritage gone missing?

– Mark

Pick up the newest copy of Canoe and
Kayak magazine which is their 2008 buyers guide.

They are listed there.



That’s where they aren’t listed.

Yep, they even have a couple of large ads with some color photos of some of their newer boats.

Legend doesn’t seem to have any
of their lines on the list. Of course, it may be because they don’t see those who vist p.net as probable buyers of their boats.