Heritage Nomad 16' kayak offered for sale, anyone know about them?

Hi all,

There’s an older local kayak for sale. I am sure this is an older Heritage from company out of business. Here’s the description;
"Heritage Nomad Kayaks 16’x 28” Heritage kayaks have self bailing cockpits and benchmark stability to allow all paddlers to experience the joys of kayaking. They are stable, seaworthy, fast and beautiful. The composite kayaks are laminated by hand, they are very light weight this particular Kevlar model had superstrength and carbon fiber For even more strength with less weight. The nomad model is built for stability and comfort and is a great all-around recreational kayak. "
I’m asking the seller to simply stand on a scale with and without the boat. I can’t find ANYTHING online regarding this boat that is allegedly laid up with Kevlar and carbon. Anyone know of this boat? Thanks

How much?. That is a fine boat. I had one for awhile in plastic but my legs , which have multiple problems, couldn’t adapt to the footwells.
Paddle before you buy.

They are great kayaks, I own a late 1990s 14’ heritage seadart, and have paddled the glass 14’ and 16’ models that predated the rotomolded poly boats. I don’t think they ever made kevlar lay ups but I could be wrong about that. The boat in the picture looks to me like a rotomolded version. Ask him to flip the boat over and show the skeg and skupper holes close up. Ask him to open a hatch and show the kevlar lay up inside. I don’t think the glass version had a pronounced skeg. Also if you look to buy you may have to replace the hatch seals.

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Likewise, I’ve seen different listing for used Heritage Nomads in FG lay up. This ad has reference to a carbon/kevlar Nomad. No weight mentioned but it has to be at least 3/4 the weight of FG lay up.


So, a carbon/kevlar Nomad is not a “unicorn.” It model does exist, albeit in limited numbers.


Wow $900, I would have snatched that up if I lived in New Jersey. I think the Nomad is the fastest SOT I have ever paddled, and they are pretty rare.

If the original poster buys the boat they are after I suggest rigging it with thigh straps (the Nomad is going to feel pretty tippy in rough water until you get a feel for it), and making sure your legs are comfortable in the wells with the foot peg system. Also check for leaks in the scupper holes.

Another carbon/kevlar Nomad here:


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