Heritage Redfish

Hi folks. I’m new to the forum here. I did a search on “Heritage Redfish” and didn’t get a hit. I’m wondering if any of the forum members have any information on it.

I can tell the undersized front hatch could be aggravating, but if I can fit a tent and a sleeping bag in it I’ll be alright. Heritage is known for making fast yaks and it looks like this one would live up to that reputation. I sure would like to talk to some owners or people that have talked to owners.

Only one review on this site and it is too basic to be of use. If anyone know where there is a review or article on the web, please provide a link.

I have a heritage featherlite angler now. It is a decent backwater boat, but obviously lacks the storage capacity of the redfish. My only knock on my featherlite is that there is hull deformation where the seat supports connect with the bottom. My local dealer (Academy Sports) has the redfish for a good price, but I cannot demo one.


Paul Barnard

Hi Paul…
Welcome to the board. It ain’t “reel” active but it’s got nice folks.

If you couldn’t find a review here you might pose the same question on a few other boards.


www.kayakfishingstuff.com - forums at:



I don’t recall anyone here posting anything about a Heritage Redfish. If you get one please post a review so the next guy will know.


Ask Dave at www.adventurekayak
fishing.com He is a competition team angler on Florida’s West Coast and knows and uses the Heritage line. I have a H. Sea Dart that Dave rigged for me. Heritage is best if you use artificials most of the time. Handles really well. Does not need a rudder.