Heritage Sea Dart--Anyone using this

for fishing in Florida besides Dirty Dave??

Never mind-I am going to get the
mango Sea Dart, rigged for fishing,in the P.net classifieds. Picking it up next Monday. Sometime you just have to “do it”!

Probably a Good Bet
I bet you enjoy it.

Barracuda-bet we could start some
"dissing" here. I just heard a “yak guide” say,“My tarpon 160 is a pig compared to my Heritage Expedition”. Having paddled neither, I could only nod. But, he’s a competion yak angler and he was serious. 'Course, he uses artificials and has no real need for a tank well, either.

Hope to get out in the rigged SeaDart this week.

Since the winds are 15-20-it should be a real workout. Won’t have my Ono paddle for a couple of weeks-plan to sneak out with the wife’s Werner. SSSHH!

Onno Paddle
You are going to love your Onno. They are so light.

I don’t dis other guys boats, especially a Tarpon, but I prefer Heritage myself.

I have been looking for a old Nomad in Kevlar for several years now…

"Cuda-I don’t intend to diss anyone,
ever. Put an Elite Surf-to-Summit fishing seat on the Sea Dart yesterday. Guess I’ll have to wait for a weekend paddle-carpenter coming to do some work for us tomorrow morning. Ever use a parafoil kite to pull your yak??? Am planing on gettin a NZ inflatable fishing kite soon. Possibility intrigues me. We use kites offshore successively, why not in the ICW under controlled conditions?