Heritage sea otter 2

I’m looking for a speedy SOT and I found this sleek looking yak at a nice price, but I can’t find any info about it. It’s a 2000 make. Any info?

A little history
Heritage used to be a very good american company in Rhode Island that made high performance sit on top kayaks, they made several of the models out of fiberglass. THe fiberglass boats are highly sought after. I believe the sea otter was a fiberglass version of the Seadart. 14’ in length. These are really rare and are excellent boats if you have one.

Several years ago now Heritage was sold to a large outdoor sports company who has focused on wide stable kayaks mostly for fishing and all of their kayaks are in plastic now. Plastic boats from before the sale are now sought after too, but certainly not worth as much as a good glass SOT.

Thanks Seadart
Great info. The one I’m looking at is a 12 foot fiberglass

If you buy it …
Post up some pictures and measurements.

Not too many of the fiberglass boats made it to the west coast, mostly the 16’ models, I think were call shearwaters or hop on tops.

I’ve never seen the boat you are talking about in person. I own a 1999 vintage Seadart and it’s a great sit on top, still going strong.

a link on history …