Hero lost how sad.


God bless

Everyone dies. Nice to do that doing something you love
While the family will mourn the point of the post is?

His passion for being on the water and doing what we like. , his sacrifice to the country to keep us all free. He was with three others and still drowned. He doesn’t seem to have a PFD on.

I find it amazing 67 veiws and people can’t even type anything in his memory like god bless or rip.or his non stop dedecation. Also find it amazing anyone would need to ask about the point of the post after his sacrifice for all the people in the USA. I guess a more pertinent post is about crossing the ocean in a rec kayak correct? I guess there is no points to many who viewed it and couldn’t say a word in his memory. Paddle on life is short and I doubt you could meet a tougher paddler that above.

"Officials said Iorns [sic] suffered undetermined medical distress while on the water and an autopsy was conducted Thursday to determine the cause of death. He was wearing an inflatable life jacket while paddle boarding, but it did not inflate."

His name is not “lorns.” It’s Cody Irons.

Cody was an inspiration by example to paddlers he did not know but whom saw him on the water as I did while racing at the Bay Bridge Paddle Race in Annapolis earlier this month. I will remember him for his determination and love of the water.

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@Rookie said: He was wearing an inflatable life jacket while paddle boarding, but it did not inflate."
Which sounds fine to me.

People always say “But an inflatable won’t protect someone who is unconscious!”. They seem to forget that the PFD we kayakers are wearing will not protect us in that situation either. In a kayaking PFD we need to be conscious to keep our mouth and nose above water.

To be protected while unconscious, one needs a proper life west. But I don’t think any of us could imagine kayaking or SUP’ing with such a contraption. It would probably cost more lives because our self rescue ability would be hindered.