I have recently gotten myself into restoring an 18ft Herter’s Canoe. I am definitely new to this kind of project but feel it is going well. We are about ready to paint and have sanded off the old decals. I had found a website that makes reproduction decals and thought I was good to go. After receiving an email back from the company I think it is a much more simplified version of the logo and therefor I feel it will loose some of the “vintage” look to it.

Is there any where to get a reproduction Herter’s canoe decal?

Is there a way to tell the year the canoe was made by it’s serial number?

save the decal
Replacing canoe decals can be difficult to impossible.

There are a couple of routes you can go:

CHEAP, BUT ORIGINAL: mask off the old decal and use an exacto razor blade to trace around the decal. Remove excess tape and paint. When pain dries, CAREFULLY remove the masking tape

Po Printer: these days, for not a lot of money, good local print shops can reproduce logos by using Photoshop. Let them know that it is for a canoe or Kayak so they can print on the correct film and use UV-proof ink. Take a good crisp high resolution photo and discuss with your local printer or search online

Good luck! It will be worth it when you are done