Hertitage Featherlite Angler

I’m seriously considering a Heritage Featherlite 9.5 Angler to fish small lakes & ponds here in Ohio. I need something that I can put in the short bed of my pickup and this one seems ideal. The 12’ model would be too long for the bed and I need to be able to get it in and out easily. The truck is pretty high so might be tough for 1-man if I put the kayak on top. Any comments? Would I be better with the 12’ model even though I might need a step stool to load it by myself?

I’ve a 9’6" Necky Sky that I use for
fishing. It fits nicely in my GMC Sonora 6ft bed. I looked at the Heritage, but liked the Sky better. But, its more expensive. As for the 12 footer being too long, not really. Plenty of people here in the South carry 14 ft flat bottom boats in the back of their pickups. I know of one kayak fisherman that sometimes carries up to three yaks 13 feet long in the back of his.

i have a Loon 138
that i put in the my pickup bed, although i don’t travel far so i don’t tie it in. I have the “truck extender” for trips other than my home lake.

My wife has a hard time handling our day touring kayaks by herself. In fact, we trailer them now rather than hassle with racks on top of our Explorer. For those times when she wants to paddle when I’m not along, she has 9 1/2 foot Featherlite to toss in the bed of her pickup. It only weighs ~38lbs. and she can easily handle it. It should work fine for your needs. That said, I use a Tarpon 120 Angler for similar fishing her in Michigan. Although heavier, it was much easier to outfit for my style of fishing. Also, in my opinion a SOT is safer if your going out by yourself any distance from shore, since recovery is much easier in the event of a spill.

Pick- up loading
I have a loon 120 (12 ft.)and also a short bed F150. I am older almost 62 and I think the loon weight about 43 lbs.

I really don’t have any problem. I just use the retchet straps to keep it in the bed.

Loading not a problem
I have a Toyota Tacoma TDR Ext. Cab with a Dagger Delta (12’6"). It loads easily in the back, and I’ve never had any problems except getting pulled

over by a trooper who thought it was blocking my

rear turning light. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck Fishing, Tight lines!!

Thanks for the replies guys. I have a F-250 off road that is darn high with the racks on the cap. I’m still looking hard at one of the Featherlites, but no kayak dealers around here that sell and fishing models so I depend on the feedback I get on this BBS. Sure does help.

BTW: 62 isn’t old. I’m 67 and still hunting and fishing some tough areas.

It’s coming!
The Featherlite Angler has been ordered and I’ll be pacing the floor until it gets here. Can’t wait to try it out!

Could’a Bought One in Southern Michigan
I know a dealer right by the Ohio border - me…

I have them in stock…