Hey Adk paddlers

Anyone paddled the Osgood River all ther way ? From Osgood Pond to Meacham Lake ? Looking for info from personal experience on difficulty of thru travel. Have been to head of rapids on Upper Osgood & upstream a short way from Hay’s Brook area access on lower river. Have “North Flow” so know what PJ says about river “disappearing like water from a tub” between these places.

Anyone been all the way thru ? What’s it like ?


Haven’t paddled, but … Orthoimagery?
I haven’t paddled this section, but you might take a look at this color infrared orthoimagery. This link should get you started. Drag the + (zoom in) tool to zoom to a window in the center of Franklin County (the middle county of the three most Northern ones). This should get you near Meacham Lake and the Osgood. Continue using the + tool until use see the ortho imagery. This is imagery from 2003, leaf off, in the spring I believe, so water levels are probably higher than normal.


I’m from Vermontville, so the Osgood is only about 10 min from my house. The section of the river off of the pond is great for a nice relaxing paddle, very enjoyable. However Jenkins deff. knows what he was talking about in regard to paddling the whole section. A couple summers ago, I set off for an afternoon trip, hoping to paddle up as far as I could… and I didn’t get far. All of a sudden, the banks of the seemingly wide river come together at a narrow little drop off/set of rapids. Its a very nice place to have lunch or take a rest, there are some large logs stretching clear across the river here, so its quite easy to stop. We walked down the banks looking for a place to put back in, but it really just didn’t look like it was worth it. I can’t even imagine what I must be like farther in where Jenkins describes.

Though I’ve been on Meachem, I’ve never paddled the river from there. I understand that there are some small ponds off of the river south of meachem, and I’d imagine that they’re extremely quiet and nice.


The Mysterious Osgood
Hi Glen!

I’ve been on the Osgood to the old beaver dam (from the pond) and I’ve crossed it many times near Mountain Pond and it is definately a hearty flow on both sides. I’ve been skiing in that area a lot lately, and I’m real interested in exploring the dissapearing Osgood, maybe this spring. My own theory is that it gets sucked up in alder hell, but I’d like to know. Maybe Toad(Andy) could join us. He likes the impossible. How about you, keithk?

Thanks, wetzool, for the link to the aerial photos. Facinating!


Hey guys
I have paddled through Osgood and have also read in the book about the disappearing river. Seemed very interesting, so I have been watching this thread looking to learn more. I think Gordon may be onto something with an exploratory expedition. I wouldn’t mind joining such an expedition, but please keep in mind I am a 7hr. drive away, so would need a bit of advanced notice to make this possible. It wouldn’t take too much arm bending to convince me to make make a long weekend trip to the ADK’s.


Osgood Expedition

I think Glen has hatched an expedition. In the name of science, I’m happy to offer my humble abode in Paul Smiths as Base Camp One. I’ll leave the dates up to you, since you have the farthest to travel. But I think the high water of early spring is a good idea. I’m ready to go NOW.


any room?
It there is room on this paddle I would like to find the answers.

Sounds great
Early spring… hmmmm… Is it spring yet? It sorta was yesterday, does that count? I’m ready now too!

March and beginning of April are pretty open so far for me, just give me a weeks notice and I think I can pull it off. If you want to pick a date, go ahead, and I’ll get working on things on this end. Since it is in your backyard, you would probably know better. The humble accomidations sound wonderful, gotta be better than sleeping in the truck.


Osgood river
I have paddled the Osgood from both directions.

As a kid, about 17 in 1984, I paddled from Meacham lake up the Osgood and hiked over to Margaret pond. I then paddled up about another mile to private property signs. I then turned back. Later in years roughly about 2000 I paddled from Curch pond to Osgood pond and down the Osgood river until there were some log jams and small rapids. I did not try to go further because it did not look that navigable. I wish I had tried. I have also crossed the Osgood river at the Hays brook area trail.



The ice goes out in the last half of April, and there can be a two week difference from pond to pond. Don’t let a few warm days lure you into that cruel trap called spring fever! We’ve got a ways to go(around here, anyway). I have friends living on Osgood Pond, and I’ll bet they know the average date of ice-out. I’ll ask.

I have another outing-in-the-making for May, but don’t have the dates yet. I’ll keep you posted as we get closer.

Hang in there!


Spring fever
you can tell? Yep, I got it, and I even paddled the other evening. I will keep watching for developments. May is pretty full for me already, but we’ll see what happens. Maybe ice out will be early this year.

Enjoy the day, Mike

I would be interested in this. If the timing works out. I’ll watch the post. Jon

April 30- May 1
I think the weekend of April 30-May 1 would be after ice-out with lots of water. A car shuttle would be great. I’ve got a feeling we won’t want to back-track.


That’s a bummer

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cause I was looking forward to this expedition.

But after looking at the calandar, it doesn't look good. I'll be finishing up my 200+ mile journey of the West Branch Susquehanna that weekend. The weekend before I'll be up on the Pine Creek, the weekend before that I'll be down on the Shenendoah. The weekend after I have a canoe race, and the weekend after that I will be WW rafting in WV.

How about April 8-10 or May 20-22, just kidding. You guys go and explore, let me know what you find.

Enjoy the day, Mike

No Problem
Rest easy, Mike. It sounds like you have PLENTY of paddling on your calendar.

I think this expedition may become a PBS special. Maybe even a “reality” show. Possibly a John Krakauer novel. Something like “Into the Mire” (or…“What were they THINKING!”). We’ll see.


West Branch Susquehanna

I noticed you did a 200 mile journey on the West Branch Susquehanna. We are acquiring a cabin on the river between Karthus and Keating in April. Can you tell me something about that stretch? Depth of water (possible to power boat, like a Jon boat?)scenery, fishing potential if any, wildlife seen, etc

Really appreciate hearing from you!