Hey C-1 racers..

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I got out in my J-190 today for the first time and managed to keep it upright for a seven mile trial. Of course the canoe gods were with me, and the water was like glass.

Here is the question: How the hell do you do a bouy turn?

It must have taken me a 100 foot radius to do one, and that was almost coming to a stand still and using as powerful a sweep as I could muster.

My wife and I can skin the buoy in our cruiser, but no matter how I tried I couldn't get this sucker to turn.

What finally seemed to start to work toward the end of my paddle was a combination of sweeps and a cross bow rudder mixed with them.

So clue me, what is the best way, and no I don't want to buy a book.

Thanks in advance,

Offside lean and a loud prayer.

What’s a Cross Rudder?
Enquiring minds and all that…


Cross rudder
I belive he dropped bow out of “cross bow rudder” as in that craft your sitting amid ship.

lean, sweep
If you want the boat to turn left, you have to lean the boat to the right and vice versa. If you slow up a little before you reach the turn the boat will turn a little more easy. Use a sweep to help you turn. If there is current, turns can be fairly easy. Get the nose out of the current, then let the current swing the back end around.

Yes I am sorry,
I just fixed it.


Yes and then…
I feel a swim coming on!


I’ve got an old 190 & ICF c-1. The only thing that ever worked for me was to slow way down to cut the turning circle.