Hey Canoe Polers!!!!!

Found something new and cool…

For those canoe polers who are gear junkies here ya go: http://www.lendal.com/page.asp?pgid=500010084

A Lendal 3 piece Fiberglass Paddlok system (best out there for modular paddles) Canoe Pole…

hmm…i wonder if you could get one in the US???that link takes you to the UK lendal page…maybe they think that there is not enough interest…although with Johnson now owning them who knows…


click on
"How to buy" on the left, select country and “subregion”. Found 4 dealers in Ct., one near where I store my sailboat. Might pay a visit over the boring months.

I Have One
In fact its my favorite stick. Its my only T.A.P. and so goes on almost every trip.

BMO has one in stock. www.bluemountainoutfitters.net

good to hear it hit the US…
i wish that some of the UK blades would…or did they get under my radar too???

Christmas Is Coming
How about all you posters pulling out some pocket change and buying me one! :wink: Sweet pole!


Am I missing something
I went to the link, but couldn’t find a length, weight, diameter etc.

Seems like an interesting idea, but i wonder if most of the polers aren’t more “traditional” in their selection of equipment.

As for me, most of what I paddle isn’t suitable for poling.