Hey! Gear Junkies!

Anyone have a Kelty Noah’s Tarp 9? Thinking of adding one to our pile of kayak camping gear. If we go with this tarp, we’re thinking of getting the Noah’s staff poles instead of the Noah’s poles because they pack shorter and are lighter. Any thoughts?


Thread from a few months ago

Don’t like the Noah’s Tarp 12
I have both the Noah’s Tarp 12 and a Moss Outfitter Wing. The Wing goes up taut and stays that way no matter what. The Noah’s Tarp can never be setup taut as far as I can tell. We have both poles you describe – we use the larger poles at things like soccer games and the shorter poles (2) for multi-day trips. If the forecast is for multiple days of rain we switch out one of the poles for a longer one. The rest of the points are held up by paddles.

The Noah’s tarp has been relegated to the shelf of camping gear that I loan to my in-laws, a tradition started when the first time we loaned them sleeping bags they came back covered in mud- on the inside.

Completely agree!
Kelty tarp has proven inferior to basic nylon grommeted tarps for me. It is hard to get taught. Really dislike it. I use tarps more in a year than most do in a decade!!! Bad design.