hey Mad River afficianados

I have an old Malecite from 1979 that was handed down from my uncle. It’s fiberglass with wood. The inside color was gray but I repainted a sand brown.

The outside color is a brown-olive and I swear I remember as a kid that Mad River called this color “indian brown”.

Do you all remember that color and is it a brown/olive or is my memory really that bad.


I think you are correct. It is an olive drab/brown color.

Me MR Independence is

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Indian Brown. A'mighty purty boat indeed. Ah'll post a dauggertype tomorrow.


Indian Brown is correct.

in slumber burnt umber,

umbra of ocher dreamt in,

till okra eclipse from midships

browns an Indian’s pale skin.

Whew! Aren’t ya glad those Hue Heifers (pimping pomp-n-pommegranate marketing within their clothing color considerations for Columbia Outdoor, “Lifestle” Wear) didn’t get ahold of this one? viz:

Moldavian Furrow

Oaken Olive Barrel

Grizzly Scat

Pumpernickel Passage

(or some ungodly combination of the above)

Just don’t let theBob hear ya call it, “UPS Brown.”

LOL nm

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Where is theBOB? Off working for UPS? (now ducking)

sorry should have taken off NM when I added an M!

Here ya go…
MR Independence in Indian Brown



bizarre color nmes
You gotta wonder what the lackeys responsible for the names of color shades are smoking sometimes. I picked out a muted sage green paint for a room in my house a few years ago and noted that the “official” color name on the chip sample was “gargoyle grin”. It wasn’t until my boyfriend remarked that the color looked like the projectile vomit from “The Exorcist” that I figured out “gargoyle grin” must have been a marketing bowdlerization of “demon puke”.

indian brown

note the colors available…indian brown

Thanks and…
beautiful boat there FE. I guess I should get some new seats and wood and see if I can shine up the gel coat.

Mine has a a few battle scars and the gel coat is a little dull but not bad for a 32 year old.

Mad river really made some nice boats back when, hope the company gets back to re-making some of these in their original shapes. I noticed the current Malecite is symmetrical and I don’t think it has the same dimensions as the Vermont boats.

Thanks again all and I’ll give MR a call to see if they haave any touch up paint in this color.

Hummm! Wunder iffin’ Rob…
would make an new Indy in Indian Brown???

It’s possible…
Cost for gel coat would be extra as I would have to get a gallon (then not use it all) and pay a bit more for it in that small of a quantity.

Where is thebob?
I’m still kicking…

Lately, due to exceeding high temps, and lack of rain, I have been doing more motorcycling than canoeing.

Have also been restoring a kevlar, Bell Wildfire.

Bought a couple of like new, Mohawk, whitewater solos & a damn drought set in shortly thereafter.

I think I’ve seen a couple of the Mad River, brown colored canoes. Don’t rememeber being that impressed with that color. Probably real slow boats; everybody knows red boats are the fastest.

UPS is not interested in transporting canoes; nor are they seemingly qualified to do so. Setting on a loading dock for 3 days qualifies as lost to them.


No luck with paint from MR
MR doesn’t carry that color any more. Anyone know of a spray paint color thats a close match?