Hey Nordic Blue owners !!

I ordered some last week and they arrived yesterday. I tried them as packaged but they cut off circulation to my right hand. When I started paddling, air temps under 20F water temp about 39F. The left hand stayed warm. I know I need to trim the gaskets. Did you cut out that lining that comes with them? What do use underneath as a liner? Should I put the gloves on and slide them through the dry suit/top sleeves or put them on over them? Thanks

As an aside, I use fleece lined neo gloves that I picked up at sportsmans warehouse for $20 and my hands stay warm enough in cold air/water.

Many ways but here is one that works
I have big problems with hands so why I bought these, but then same problems you had, I simply carefully cut them back very little at a time after stretching them over a water bottle for several days. Perfect!!! No loss of circulation. Actually they will keep you dry without being tight at all.

Yes, most all cut out the liner, it is not that great as insulator and will get moldy and hard to dry. Any liner will work, thinsulate, primaloft, even polarfleece, just choose one that is low volume, compresses easily and keeps insulating if your hands sweat.

I place seal over drysuit or dry top, just easier to get them on and off.

Another thing you can do if like me have severe problems with circulation, is put on anti perspirant on hands and feet to reduce sweating. Yes don’t do this if it irritates and don’t get in eyes! But dry hands and feet are very much warmer, not for everyone but it can help.

Last thing, once using the Blues, open the seal make a fist and get out some extra air if want to increase your fineness of grip.

Enjoy them.

By the way Nordic makes a qualofill liner that is extra warm, I have it, very nice, but others are great too.

Trim the seals & remove the liners
I generally use Smartwool liners, but you can sew a cuff on the stock liners and use them, too. The important thing is to be able to remove the liners when you’re done paddling so they can dry.

When putting them on, I don’t bother to overlap the seals, as it doesn’t help. Just wear them against your skin.

Overlapping Seals, Possible Leakage…
if you very active and the dryglove gasket slips slightly off from the drysuit gasket, there will be a little area where water can seep in. How much depends on what you’re doing and how often you get submerged. Surfers and white water boaters who are constantly flipping over will definitely begin to feel seepage after a bit. Better to NOT overlap the gaskets and have a slight exposure of the wrist skin between but have total seal of the gaskets against bare flesh.


Could very well be so
sing I have not found this to be true, but mileage may vary as they say so I will keep this in mind myself!

Wrist skin exposure is OK

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I don't even feel that whe I go over.

Brian got it right on trimming the gaskets and using alternative liners. Stock liners are super warm ok but allow no paddle feel.

Using thin capilene or polypro and a medium weight liner keeps your skin drier

I agree with Sing
Overlapping latex layers don’t seem to seal well. Doing so will also tend to cut off blood circulation to your hands, so they’ll end up freezing even with the dry gloves.

I was able to get on the river for a couple hours Wednsday. With some polartec liners and trimmed seals the gloves worked well. The bare skin was covered with with the flap from my dry top. I do not have the dexterity that I do with the fleece lined neo gloves, but I was able to stay out longer with my hands constantly submerged in 35deg water with 30 deg air temps.